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memories essay

What would life be without memories? I guess it wouldn’t even exist, right? Both happy and worse are memories to keep. There is always a lesson to pick up from any memory that you have.

Guess what?

The brain, as small as it may seem, accumulates thousands and thousands of memories. Imagine the big servers stored in a data center – that is nothing compared to your brain.

A childhood memories essay is one most student enjoys when presented with to write. They quickly rush to recounting some of their experiences but forget one crucial aspect. When the deal is too good, then think twice.

Now let’s get down to some writing prompts.

30 Great Memories Essay Writing Prompts

My Childhood Memories Essay

  1. What was your favorite game with your siblings
  2. Can you recall a scary childhood memory?
  3. How was your first walking experience like
  4. Describe your first day in school experience
  5. What was your best childhood snack?
  6. Do you recall your first childhood friend? How did you meet?
  7. Describe your first toy
  8. What was your best childhood color?
  9. Do you remember your first pet?
  10. Describe your first school bag

My High School Memories Essay

  1. What life lessons did you learn in high school?
  2. How was your first experience in high school? Did you find it amusing?
  3. What new things did you discover and learn in high school?
  4. Did you send letters to your crush from other schools?
  5. How was it like attending classes? Did you cut some lessons with your friends?
  6. What did you feel about high school field trips?
  7. How or what was your high school farewell song? Do you miss it?
  8. What capabilities and talents were you able to discover in high school?
  9. How was it like staying up late to study for exams?
  10. How did high school change your perception of people and life in general?

Episodic Memories Essay

  1. Describe your first job experience
  2. How did you feel when you first visited the beach during summer
  3. How was your first plane experience? Did you enjoy it?
  4. Where did you first visit for your valentine’s date with your spouse?
  5. How did you feel when you first participated in an election?
  6. Where were you when the tragic September attack took place?
  7. The movie you saw on your first laptop
  8. Who was your first roommate on campus?
  9. Which was your first country to visit overseas?
  10. How did you feel the first time you moved in all by yourself?

Such memories can be a good start to writing a memories essay of your own. If you think you may not have all the details, don’t torment yourself. You can always ask around from your parents, old friends, teachers, and even neighbors.

An essay on memories should be handled with a lot of caution. Why may you ask? Such an article should be free from biases. It should be objective. And that is where the problem lies.

Luckily, the solution is simple. Learn more.

Structure of a Memories Essay

As of other essays, an essay on memories also has the same structure:

  • Introduction,
  • Body, and
  • Conclusion.

Let’s briefly look at each of these sections.

The Introduction

It is the doorway to your essay. You start by establishing the context of your memories essay, which will act as a hook to your readers. A quote can do well in this case.

For example, “Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories.” Buddy Valastro.

The quote above creates an interest in the reader’s mind and provokes them to poke further into the essay. An introduction ends with a thesis statement.

Example: “memories are truly add meaning to life.”

The Body

It carries the significant weight of the essay with supporting examples, facts, and even statistics. It is made up of body paragraphs directly relating to your memories essay thesis statement. The standard paragraph structure of a topic sentence, explanation, examples, and illustrations are followed.

Here is an example of a well-defined body paragraph:

“Those high school outings are my most treasured memories. I recall the moments we boarded the school bus and visit interesting places. I remember how amazing it was putting on my best shirt, set aside for that special occasion. Memories of how we would buy goodies in the mall before heading back to school still linger in my mind. That’s the best part of my school life. It never gave me a frown.”

The Conclusion

Here, you restate the thesis statement and make a summary statement of the memories discussed in the body. You can choose to also conclude with a quote such as the one below.

“Childhood is like being drunk. Everyone remembers what you did except you” Noor. H.

Memories Essay – You Need Help With That?

For you to write one of the best childhood memories essay, ensure that you include the most exciting events. Events, where you did funny or creepy things, are easy to recall. Go for such, and you will have a free course of ideas.

Can you recall a childhood memory and write a memory essay now?

In case you still have a challenge coming up with such an essay or would like custom professional writing assistance, our expert writers are here for you.

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