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Writing an awesome technology essay in just four hours may sound like an impossible achievement for most students. However, we can assure you that it is possible. In fact, we will show you how to do it. You will be able to write a how technology has changed our lives essay or a technology in the classroom essay faster than ever.

We will explain how you can quickly and easily find a nice topic and then show you how to use the easiest essay structure to your advantage. Finally, a comprehensive list of technology essay tips and tricks will speed up your writing even more. Read on!

Why a Technology Essay?

Are you wondering if writing an essay about technology is the right choice for you? In our opinion, writing about technology is easier than writing about most other things, including nursing. Truth be told, it is relatively simple to find very interesting technology essay topics. There are breakthroughs in technology every month, so you have plenty of fresh things to write about. Furthermore, you can easily find more than enough information about almost any topic in technology on the Internet.

Considering the fact that research is the most time-consuming part of writing an essay, you can save a lot of time writing a research paper about technology. And besides, writing about the latest technological advancements or about how tech improves various parts of our society can be fun. For instance, here is an example of a topic where you can present your take on the impact of technology on our everyday lives: “is society too dependent on technology essay?”

Great Technology Essay Topics and How to Find Them

If you are looking to write a science and technology essay fast, but you also need a top grade on it, it’s time to focus on the important step of choosing the right topic for your paper. You’re probably aware that professors tend to grade interesting papers higher. This is why your technology research paper topics should be interesting, original and popular. Here are a few examples of topics that we recommend in 2020:

  • Social media essay: their influence of on American teenagers. (this can be a very good negative effects of technology essay)
  • Will AI take over the world?
  • Do software tools make us more productive at work?
  • The differences between the human brain and the CPU.
  • Benefits of using tech in the classroom as a teacher. (excellent technology in education essay topic)
  • Should we ban human cloning?
  • How technology is speeding up polar research.
  • How can we set foot on Mars?
  • Computers are changing the way we wage war. (recommended for an advantages and disadvantages of technology essay)
  • The effects of space travel on humans.
  • Can 3D printers print food and end starvation worldwide?
  • How powerful can a smartphone really get?

You can freely pick any of the topics above and start writing the essay right now. If you want more ideas for your argumentative essay about technology, the best way to find them is by reading the latest technology news. Find innovations, breakthroughs or disruptive technologies and think of an interesting topic to write about. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to a team of experienced, friendly academic writers. These pros can come up with an entire list of topics in less than an hour.

The Structure We Recommend for an Essay About Technology

If you’ve read at least one technology essay example, you already know that the best structure is the five paragraph essay. Let’s say you want to write an essay on technology and society. An interesting topic would be “3 Interesting Ways Technology Has Changed Human Interaction”. Here is how you should structure your essay:

Like any essay, you will start the paper with the technology essay introduction. The first sentence will usually be your thesis statement. Something like “In the digital age, people are slowly forgetting how human interaction feels like” would be appropriate. The rest of the technology essay intro will provide some background info on the subject.

  1. Body Paragraph #1. Talk about the most important way technology has changed human interaction. You should focus this entire paragraph on just this idea. For example, you can talk about how most people prefer to text somebody or to send an email instead of talking directly to that person.
  2. Body Paragraph #2. This paragraph will cover the second most important idea. Again, you need to focus on one main idea. Ideally, you should clearly state it in the first few sentences of the paragraph. For example, you can talk about people using social media to show their affection or their interest in somebody instead of doing it in real life.
  3. Body Paragraph #3. You’ve guessed it! You need to write about the third main idea of your technology argument essay. For instance, discussing why people prefer to stay at home and play games instead of going out with friends would be an excellent choice here.
  4. The Conclusion. Any academic paper needs a strong conclusion, and this applies to your technology argumentative essay as well. In this fifth paragraph, you will restate the thesis and then summarize all three ideas. Finally, tell your audience that the information you’ve uncovered clearly show that technology is changing the way humans interact with each other and that people are forgetting how real life human interaction feels like. End everything with a call to action. Something like “It’s time to put your smartphone or your laptop down, take a deep breath of fresh air, go out, and have some real life fun!” would be perfectly acceptable.

Tips and Tricks to Write Your Research Paper About Technology Faster

The advice we’ve provided above can be a perfect guide, we know. You are free to use it as one. It’s now time to show you some tips and tricks to speed up your writing even more. First, remember that the technology argumentative essay topics you pick should not be overly simple. They shouldn’t be too complex either (like writing about DNA sequencing methods).

Second, you must always keep you audience in mind when writing an essay on technology. Whatever you do, avoid sounding biased or condescending. Treat the topic objectively and discuss all the aspects (even if you don’t agree with some of them).

Third, remember that writing a persuasive essay about technology means much more than just putting together some information you find on the Internet. You will need to think about something new to add to the data currently available. Find a unique angle and come up with a breathtaking idea. Your professor will greatly appreciate it – and your grade will reflect this.

While our goal is to help you write an argumentative essay on technology in 4 hours or less, we want to make sure you don’t skip two very important steps: editing and proofreading. You must edit and proofread your work to make sure it meets the requirements of your professor. Trivial mistakes can turn a well-deserved A+ into an A or even a B. Don’t risk losing points just because you don’t want to spend 30 more minutes on the paper. We advise you to contact professional editors if you’re not sure you can do it.

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