How to Easily Tackle a “Never Give Up Essay”

never give up essay

The attitude towards a never give up essay differs among various students. Some feel that this is a motivational paper which has been exhaustively written on by many renowned authors.

However, what many students forget is that there is no monopoly of ideas. That one new idea that they would bring on board in a “never gonna give you up essay” might be all that someone else has been yearning to hear. That leads us to the sole purpose of this post, to bring you to that point of making a unique paper that would give hope to many on the verge of giving up.

Essential Tips on the Structure of a Never Give Up Essay


Never give up essay titles play a critical role in the reception of your paper. For you to catch, not only the eyes but hearts of many, the title should be:

  • Unique
  • A Catchy Hook
  • In line with the tone of your essay
  • Of interest to you and the reader too!


A top-grade essay on never give up introduction paragraph should be both engaging and informative. It should be able to connect with the reader’s current state of emotion or feeling at first glance. Your introduction should:

  • First, give the context and background
  • Set up the scope and purpose of your essay
  • Show the reader that he/she is in the right place


Have you ever read or heard about the importance of an oasis in a desert? Well, your essay body should be more or less the same – quenching the thirst of your reader sufficiently. The never give up a paragraph that makes up the organisation provides the real chunk of meat. You can achieve this by using:

  • Real-life experiences
  • Surprising facts or statistics
  • Human interest occurrences that relate to the situation

You should also choose the right words for never giving up.

And lastly

The Conclusion

One dirty little secret that you can use here is a punch line, for example: “Take the blow, get back up, and punch it back.” Make the reader see how all that comes to us in this life can make them who they want to be.

Now to the most anticipated essay example!

Sample Speech on Never Give up on Your Dreams

“We all have dreams on our minds, but hardly do we manage to achieve them in our first attempt. There is nothing as sweet as dreaming, you know why? Dreaming is all about what we love and hope for the most. But do you know what is the most adorable in all these? Making dreams a reality! There is only one making this happen – by never giving up! It implies that you do not let your failures be a stumbling block, but rather act as your stepping stone.

I remember the story of Albert Einstein, who made 1000 attempts to make a light bulb. True to his resilience, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

My father was the firstborn in a family of four. He grew up in a humble background where having two meals a day would call for a grand celebration. Being raised by a single mother, the siblings grew up knowing nothing but the smell of poverty. It must have saturated their minds and reached to their lungs.

When he was around ten years old, their mother passed on, leaving them as orphans. It meant that life for them had to take a different turn. Being the firstborn, my father had to take up the leadership mantle for the three siblings. He would move from bin to bin and collect as many leftovers as possible. In the evening, the four would have their “feast.” After that, they would resort to their cartoons in anticipation for yet another day.

However, my father had a dream, and no one was going to shutter it. He wanted to be an aeronautical engineer at all costs. Therefore, he would visit the airport daily and watch the planes take off and land.

One day, a certain man pulled over by him and rolled down his tinted Prado car window. “Young man,” he began, “I have noticed that you are always here. What is it that you want?” Without hesitation, my father let out his dream, “I want to be an aeronautical engineer.” The man sighed a bit and told him, “Well, then, your dream has just become true.”

The man was the head of the engineering department at the airport. He took my father in and enrolled him in the engineering classes. The rest is history!

To sum up, never give up, use every obstacle to better yourself and pursue your dream!”

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