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american dream essay

People know the famous American dream and what it stands for all over the world. It is linked with people who want to move to the united states in a bid to obtain education, freedom, a new family, or better job opportunities. However, this is not always the case because life in the U.S. is governed by different rules with challenges that are reflected in American dream essays.

As a student in a United States college, you may be required to write an American dream essay. It is usually a requirement for the English Composition class. This guide can come in handy for such students. Also, if you fall into the category mentioned above, you can get writing help for a custom essay on the American dream from expert academic writers.

Essay On The American Dream – Expert Tips

First of all, let’s find out – what is the American dream essay? Before writing the American dream essay, it is necessary to review several examples and tips. Be sure to start by explaining what my American dream essay is. In most cases, this type of essay is a narrative and an academic essay. The main goal of the essay is to explain the American dream concept interestingly. Essays about the American dream don’t fall into any specific essay category. Rather it is a narrative paper bordering on a specific topic. Lots of people think the American dream paper is about the ideal lifestyle in the united states. Both success and prosperity are promised to all residents of the country. However, an individual has to invest effort, time, and money to be able to achieve this success.

The essay about the American dream is meant to motivate youths to remain dedicated to achieving their goals. Also, this essay should show the different sides of the coin; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It should also explain that youths can choose and build their lives.

Consider James Adams, who was the first person to bring the American dream to the spotlight. He was a writer and famous politician, and he wrote a book in 1931 titled The Epic of America. This book covered the concept fully. In defining the concept, Adams said it is a country where every individual lives well. The writer added that the country predetermines the chance to fulfill the dreams of every individual.

People may wonder if this dream is still in existence today. The essay should prove that it does and that the country has all that is needed to make all dreams come true.

Every essay should have an outline. In this case, the essay shouldn’t have a different outline from other types of essays. Here is a guide to help:

American Dream Essay Outline

There are a lot of things to consider before writing the essay. This helps you come up with an excellent outline to guide you as you write. The seven steps to consider include:

  1. The concept
  • Define the American dream in your word
  • Use relevant literature to explore the issue
  1. Introduction
  • Capture the attention of the readers using an interesting hook, which is linked to the concept.
  • Highlight background information without detailing them
  • Interpret its meaning
  1. Main thesis
  • Highlight a vision of the classic American dream in your definition.
  • Share some ideas on the American dream as well as the development of the concept.
  • Elaborate on what this American dream means to you
  1. Narrow down the introductory paragraph closing it with thesis statements.
  2. The paper’s body should be divided into two body paragraphs with each containing stories.
  • The first story should cover someone or some people who have succeeded in fulfilling something major and discovering the American dream.
  • The second paragraph should describe and contain the thesis statement as well as the crucial arguments and facts.
  1. Analyze the stories you chose and end with a brief key paragraph for comparison. Contrast both stories.
  2. Conclusion
  • Write the American dream essay all over again
  • Use a catchy key phrase to attract readers
  • Don’t try to impress the reader. Something easier to understand is better in the circumstances.

Writing A Hook For Your American Dream Essay

The only way to guarantee that your professor will read the essay to the very end is by writing an excellent hook for the essay. This could also impact your grades positively. There are a lot of essay hooks to consider for this type of essay.

Some of them include:

  1. A question: one excellent way to start your essay is to ask a question. It seems simple, but it is a lot more complicated. Your question doesn’t have to be a yes or no question. It needs to intrigue the reader to make him/her want to read more to find the answers to the question.

For example, consider these American dream essay examples: do you know that the American dream is not a new concept and that it was introduced by writer and historian, James Adams, in 1931?

  1. Definition of fact: this may be difficult because it would entail writing an original definition. However, if you choose it, refrain from copying what you find in the dictionary. This could pass as plagiarism and would affect your grades. It is a lot safer to come up with a definition from your understanding of the term. You can then paraphrase the definitions you found in those sources.

For instance: the American dream has been linked to the revolutionary war. Was this war a dream? It wasn’t, and this is why people who do not support the concept of the American dream believe that it is an illusion that was built on blood.

  1. Anecdote: humor can also work as a hook for your essay. It can make anyone laugh, even the sullenest ones. Also, professors appreciate students who have a good sense of humor. Such a hook can impact the total grade positively.

For instance: why is it called the American dream? It is because you need to be asleep to believe it.

  1. Literary quotes: you can also opt for quotes as a hook for your essay. If you like reading, surely you must have come across a great author. Find these author’s definition of the American dream. Use the best quote.

For instance: the famous writer George Monbiot said: “if wealth was gotten from hard work as well as enterprise, all African women would be millionaires.”

Top American Dream Essay Topics

Here are a few topics to choose from, pick one that resonates with you, and work with it (or get the topic of your choice from our professional writers).

  • Explain the fallacy of the American dream
  • What is the American dream
  • The American dream is a false hope for prosperity and success
  • How prejudice has ruined the American dream
  • The portrayal of the concept of the American dream in the movie “The Great Gatsby.”
  • The development of the image of the American dream
  • The link between money and the American dream
  • Top reasons to create a different American dream
  • What are the immigrant ideas of the American dream
  • The American dream where all residents can get the career and social status they want.


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