Writing A Great Christmas Essay: Best Tips for Students

christmas essay

As a child, how many times did you wish that Santa Claus would pass by and leave gifts for you? Many, right? And, actually, you got the gifts. But it was your family members who supplied the gifts. That is the craze of Christmas, Santa Claus, and amazing gifts.

It is not just kids; the celebration mood hits pitch high for everyone. And you know what, your teacher might also be on it, and ask you to write a Christmas essay. Here, you will need to go out of your way to craft a great essay. So how do you go about writing a Christmas carol essay? Here is the blueprint.

What Is Christmas Essay?

If your teacher has provided you with a topic on the essay on Christmas, the first step is reading carefully and understanding it. Here, the aim is to ensure you comprehend what the teacher wants and identify the main points to work on.

A Christmas Essay can be a number of things. It can be an informative essay explaining and going over the traditions and origins of Christmas, for example. It can be a personal essay where you can talk about Christmas means to you.

Usually, your teacher might leave it up to you to select the preferred topic. In such a situation, you should look for an interesting topic that has ample and up-to-date resources.

Create A Good Outline For Your Essay About Christmas

As you explore the resources to build your Christmas story, it is important to craft a good outline. This is supposed to help you organize the ideas and strike an impeccable flow that will make your teacher award more marks. Here is a sample outline that you should consider:

  1. Christmas essay introduction
    • Start by capturing the topic broadly. You should bring out some short background about Christmas. You could also throw in some statistics or a quote.
    • Complete the introduction with a thesis statement. This is the argument that you will seek to support in the entire essay.
    • A good introduction for Christmas essay will have some type of hook as well, a way to capture the audience.
  2. Body of your essay on Christmas
    After the introduction, it is time to get into the details of the points you want to capture.

    • Start by telling what is Christmas all about.
    • Every point you want to discuss should be carefully captured in a separate paragraph.
    • Then, support your points with data, statistics, and reports from relevant materials. Remember that when you borrow an idea, you should ensure it is properly referenced.
    • If your essay is long, divide the paragraphs into varying subtopics. Five-paragraph essay structure can be a great choice.
  3. Conclusion of your essay about Christmas
    This is the last part of the essay and, you should close it in style.

    • Start by restating the thesis statement. Of course, do not use the same words that you used in the introduction to avoid sounding repetitive.
    • Summarize the points you have discussed carefully.
    • Mention what you have learnt.

    Note: You should not introduce new ideas at the conclusion. However, you are free to call for additional studies if you noted that there is a gap in the available resources.

Edit And Proofread Your Post

Once you have written your Christmas essay, you have one more step; editing it. Even if you have written the essay Christmas very well, you are likely to lose marks if it has mistakes. First, you are supposed to carefully proofread the essay to identify and remove all typos, clichés, and other errors. You could even ask a close friend to proofread it one more time.

Some Great Christmas Essay Topics

  • A closer look at the origins of Christmas.
  • What is the true meaning of Santa Claus?
  • Why do we celebrate Christmas?
  • Essay on Christmas celebration traditions.
  • Can there be Christmas without Santa Claus?
  • Why I hate staying at home during Christmas.
  • If I were the governor, I would order Christmas to come thrice every year.
  • My favourite holiday
  • The worst Christmas celebration in my life.
  • Exploring the symbols used in Christmas.
  • Evaluating the changes in Christmas between the first Century and 20th century.
  • How people celebrate Christmas in different countries.

A Sample Christmas Narrative Essay

To help you understand how to craft a great Christmas essay, we are going to provide you with a sample on the topic “The Origins of Christmas.” To look at Christmas essay examples from expert writers can help you improve your own.

The Origins of Christmas

Did you know that the origin of Christmas was actually associated with lawless activities? Also, did you know that there is no evidence suggesting that Jesus Christ was born on 25th December? But things changed and Christmas has become the biggest season in a year to become a symbol of joy and love.

Christmas reminds us of the need to live in joy and love for each other. We are reminded that enjoying what we have is not enough, but sharing and spending time with the less privileged makes the world a better place.

Here is the lovely history of Christmas that you should know about.

What is the Origin of Christmas?

Christmas started in the Roman Empire a few decades following the birth of Christ, as a celebration known as Saturnalia. The celebration was focused on welcoming the sun after a long winter. It was a week-long type of celebration that included lawless activities like breaking houses.

Around the 4th century, the last day of Saturnalia was adopted by Christians to celebrate Christmas. The goal was to help Pagans stop associating Christmas with negative things. Around this time, a lot of Pagans converted to Christians. Note that no evidence clearly points that Jesus was born on 25th December.

Early in the 1900s when Anglican Communion church was started, the meaning of Christmas was reinforced. By then, some communities were still associating it with bad activities such as drunkenness and lawlessness. Therefore, the Anglican Communion emphasized that the Christmas season should be used as a period for social and religious reconciliation, giving, family and love. That is what burgeoned to the Christmas we know of today; a great time for love and sharing.

Christmas, though considered a Christian thing, is an opportunity for all, including non-Christians, to think of others, love them, share, and make the world a better place. To make the origins of Christmas clearer, there is a need for further historical studies to establish the exact day when Jesus was born.

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