142 Critical Thinking Essay Topics That Will Get You An A+

critical thinking essay topics

Are you ready to ace your paper with brilliant critical thinking essay topics? We have the tip-top writing ideas to take you to the top ASAP!

A critical thinking essay requires you to explain or analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a specific topic.

To ace your critical thinking essay, you need to do lots of reading, find numerous unique resources and even visit monumental locations. All these will give you a firm grip on your preferred area of study as well as sufficient inspiration to churn a high-scoring paper.

A great topic is the genesis of any successful essay writing process. However, we all know how difficult and time-consuming it is to come up with an out-of-the-box case. Lots of scholars fail to get past this stage. We decided to give you the roadmap for smooth sailing during the writing process on the bright side. We have compiled an impressive list of critical thinking essay topics.

Cultural Criticism Essay Topics

  1. Define islamophobia and explain its impact on the lives of American Muslims
  2. Review the history of the slave trade and highlight the impact of the abolition
  3. Review the history of the first nations of Canada and their impact on Canada we know today
  4. Explain how racism affects the mental health of black people in the U.S
  5. Define xenophobia, review its history and explain how it affects our daily life
  6. Highlight the features of a multicultural society
  7. What is the impact of drug use and addiction among teenagers in the U.S
  8. Examine the prevalence of poverty in the U.S and explain how it leads to homelessness
  9. Explain the effect of social media and technology on human interaction and socialization
  10. What are the likely impacts of changing gender roles

Critique Essay Topics

  1. Explain why people tend to think that nature is a free shop
  2. Discuss why some animals are kinder and more faithful as compared to people
  3. Examine five ways in which technological advancement has impacted human life
  4. Examine the viewer experience of mind sports
  5. Dive into the effectiveness of standardized tests
  6. Explain the difference between online and traditional relationships
  7. Compare and contrast between recorded music and live performances
  8. Define global warming and analyze its effects on human life
  9. Review the advantages and disadvantages of attending private and public schools
  10. Look into the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering and GMOs
  11. Examine why painkillers are so essential and highlight some of their side effects
  12. Investigate the pros and cons of having a college degree
  13. Examine the problems that Native Americans faced in their quest for independence
  14. Discuss whether any health risks are arising from anorexia nervosa
  15. What is the effectiveness of a balanced diet in a child’s health?
  16. Explain the role played by mass media in crime development and mitigation
  17. Investigate the pros and cons of district zoning
  18. Define health insurance, why it is so important, and highlights its potential disadvantages

Top Critical Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Examine how moves portray a historical figure
  2. Investigate how environmentalism and capitalism compare to each other
  3. What is the impact of social media bullying on one’s mental health, and how can the problem be resolved?
  4. Analyze the long term impact of colonialism as observed in the world today
  5. Examine the correlation between economic growth and the environment
  6. How is the global climate-related to capitalism
  7. Evaluate events that defined economic development in the U.S since 1900
  8. Examine the concept of same-sex marriage from a Christian point of view
  9. What is the link between religion and morality?
  10. Highlight the best places to visit in Europe and explain why they are so unique
  11. Discuss the effect of technology on the health care industry
  12. What is the impact of deforestation of tropical forests on the environment?
  13. Analyze the cultural value of the pyramids of Giza
  14. Synthesize the attributes of an epic summer movie

Impressive Critical Thinking Essay Questions

  1. In what ways can the standard of education be improved?
  2. What is the importance of school authorities?
  3. Is it possible to live a happy life without engaging in romantic relationships?
  4. Discuss different methods that we can use to improve a country’s financial situation
  5. Explain why marketing is the best way to sell a product
  6. What are the best way to get rid of addiction and other bad habits?
  7. Is it true that happiness is an abstract concept?
  8. Investigate why it is essential to cancel strong punishments for criminals
  9. Evaluate the relationship between academic performance and sports
  10. Explain different reasons why animals should not be put in zoos or used in sports
  11. Evaluate why cheerleading should be a sport on its own
  12. What is the importance of college football players, and should they get paid?
  13. Highlight the importance of outdoor and indoor activities
  14. What are the mental health implications associated with violent video games among children?

Latest Critical Analysis Topics

  1. Explain the impact of promoting feminism on social media sites
  2. What is the distinction between economic liberalism and economic nationalism?
  3. Analyze factors that have contributed to China becoming a superpower
  4. Compare and contrast between traditional learning and virtue learning
  5. Critically analyze how the growth of industry impacts student aspiring to join it
  6. Examine the negative impact of the lottery industry and justify why it should be banned
  7. Explain the effects of globalization and why it is the most significant economic phenomenon at this time
  8. Highlight the most important risk factors associated with lung cancer and how to mitigate them
  9. What is the impact of corruption on third-world countries?
  10. Synthesize the Italian food custom and highlight different symbolism in it
  11. What is the link between corruption and asterism?
  12. Examine the effect of social media on the mental health of a teenager
  13. Why eating fast foods may not be suitable for your health

Good Critical Thinking Topics

  1. Discuss the impact of food coloring on human health
  2. Examine how stress affects the productivity of a team member
  3. Analyze the essential elements in the Islamic religion
  4. Discuss the future of social media in the next ten years
  5. Examine the different parts that lead to juvenile delinquency
  6. Evaluate how nature affects the evolvement of sea creatures from various aspects
  7. Explain the role of nature in Chinese art
  8. Examine the impact of overusing technology on human life
  9. Review the impact of technology on religion
  10. How does playing video games affect a child’s concentration
  11. What is the impact of technology on anxiety and depression levels among people?

Top-Notch Critical Thinking Topics For Papers

  1. Which is better between city life and country life?
  2. Explain how personal fashion impacts one’s identity
  3. Give reasons why education should be free
  4. What is the link between job satisfaction and team member turnover rate?
  5. Examine the impact of social media on human psychology
  6. What is the difference between applied education and education quality?
  7. Analyze the importance of individuality, self-knowledge, and self-worth in critical thinking
  8. Examine the scope of fallacies as they relate to creative and critical thinking
  9. What is the role of critical thinking in the world today?
  10. Define the link between reflective analysis and critical thinking
  11. Evaluate the link between critical thinking and money

High-End Critical Thinking Paper Topics

  1. How can critical thinking be enhanced among students?
  2. Evaluate the basics of critical thinking
  3. Explain democratic governments are regarded the best in catering for the people’s needs
  4. Discuss the causes of anarchy in a society with different cultures and religions
  5. What is the difference between the caste system and the class system in society?
  6. What is the importance of the marriage institution and society as a whole?
  7. Examine the source of gender disparity between men and women in developed countries
  8. Why is it essential to empower women from their opposite gender?
  9. Investigate the role of society in advancing negative emotions like hatred in human beings
  10. Analyze how the increase or decrease of carbon dioxide is harmful to the quality of life on earth
  11. What is the impact of the composition of air of a particular region on a person’s health?
  12. Investigate why plants that grow in tropical regions do not germinate in temperate areas

Interesting Critical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Explain the link between topography and vegetation that grows in a particular region
  2. Investigate why people are turning away from hybrid seeds and opting for traditional seeds
  3. Explain the cause of a spike in cardiovascular diseases across the world
  4. Analyze the reasons behind an increase in breathing and respiratory problems in the past decades
  5. Highlight the impact of technology on surgery
  6. Why is cyber security a big problem in developing countries?
  7. Why are digital currencies like Bitcoin not so popular despite their convenience?
  8. How do financial crises affect a country’s economy?
  9. What factors contribute to the fall of a country’s national economy?
  10. What is the link between the explosion of population and global warming in Asian countries?
  11. Explain how the set up of industries in developing countries is contributing to the increase in global temperatures
  12. Investigate the relationship between the increase in natural disasters and global warming
  13. Do not disturb the pharaohs: Examine the cultural impact of exploring the pyramids.
  14. Evaluate the impact of doping on athletics
  15. Examine the impact of TV advertisements on a child’s mind

World-Class Critical Essay Topics

  1. What is the effect of domestic violence on children’s mental health?
  2. How does divorce impact a child’s mental health?
  3. Analyze the effects of inflation on a country’s economy
  4. Synthesize euthanasia from a religious point of view
  5. What drives women and men to opt for a gender change?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery?
  7. Why is it important for people to have principles?
  8. Explain why companies spend a lot of money on advertisements
  9. What are the ramifications of robots replacing human labor?
  10. Discuss the impact of nanotechnology on human life

First-Class Critical Thinking Essay Topics

  1. Are children necessary for the continuation of the human race?
  2. What is the difference between love in medieval times and love now?
  3. One person can change the world: How true is that statement
  4. Is the criticism of gays in society justified?
  5. Explain how misconceptions impact our desires
  6. Investigate critical problems associated with overpopulation
  7. Explain why people are reluctant to accept the concept of environmental improvement
  8. Why is it important to analyze every situation in life?
  9. Explain why several government policies fail to work in the U.S
  10. Investigate the role of mass media in mitigating problems like poverty and illiteracy
  11. Analyze the effectiveness of the judicial system in its quest to control the use of drugs
  12. Highlight the differences and similarities between the first and second world war
  13. What is the role of fairy tales in affective learning?
  14. What is the impact of the author’s background in the creation of a masterpiece?

Final Words

If the topic was standing between you and a stunning essay, your options are almost endless now. Nonetheless, it does not end here. You also need to align your topic to an exciting theme besides focusing the essay on a contemporary problem in society. With this and other small but critical details, putting together an epic paper is not easy.

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