Writing A Discrimination Essay Like A Professional

Discrimination Essay

Discrimination is a primary subject of interest for social and historical sciences. It is a concept that has been around for a while, affecting every bit of our lives. Moreover, discrimination exists on so many levels targeting different groups of minorities across the world. It is a problem that we can solve through education.

That is why your educators might require you to come up with a discrimination essay. Writing an engaging discrimination essay can be a piece of cake if you know how to go about it. We will delve deeper into how to write an essay on discrimination and point out every crucial detail you need to know about the entire process.

How to Write a Discrimination Essay

  1. Come up with a great topic
    A great topic choice is always the start of a captivating essay. The topic lets the reader know what your paper is all about. It is imperative to go for an issue that resonates with your interest in the field. Apart from that, you need to select an exceptional and easy topic to research and write about.
  2. Begin with a striking introduction
    Your introduction will either capture the reader’s attention or push them away. Ideally, it should summarize the topic and tell the reader what to expect in the essay’s body. Other than that, the introduction should incorporate the thesis statement. Most importantly, you need to sound knowledgeable by using accurate case studies and verifiable statistics. It will give your educator the impression that you have a profound knowledge of the topic.
  3. Develop a strong body
    An ideal essay features five paragraphs, with the body taking up three. The remaining two are for the introduction and conclusion. The three body paragraphs highlight three primary points that you tackle in the discriminative essay. On the same note, you should discuss the points progressively so that the one with the most weight comes first while the one with the least weight comes last. Every moment should delve into the impacts of the kind of discrimination in question. The points must elaborate and prove the thesis statement.
  4. Finalize with a catchy discrimination essay conclusion< The conclusion summarizes your primary points of discussion in the body. You will also need to reword the thesis statement apart from emphasizing the need for society to end the kind of discrimination under study./li>

Challenges Faced When Writing a Discrimination Essay

Essay writing, in general, is time-consuming. There are more challenges related to discrimination essay writing. Let us break them down below:

Topic selection

Finding relevant topics with numerous references to support arguments for this kind of essay demands a lot of time and attention. It explains why many college and university students struggle with this stage. It is advisable to consider your passions and interests in this case.

Tight Deadlines

Another reason why students fail to write stellar discrimination essays is because of tight deadlines. It would help if you had a lot of time to handle this paper sufficiently. However, most folks spend a lot of time researching solid topics or, unfortunately, choose complex issues with limited references and academic sources. Consequently, smooth essay writing becomes a problem when under pressure to meet the deadline.

Lack of motivation

Let us face it. Sometimes you lack the drive to work on some academic assignments, especially if they are too demanding. Discrimination essays will give you no breathing space, mainly when you are ill-prepared. You will do lots of thinking, research, writing, and editing. All this can be too much for some people.

Types of Discrimination Essays

  • Discrimination In The Workplace Essay
    There are different forms of discrimination that are likely to occur at a place of work. You can take different angles from racial discrimination in the workplace essay to gender, age, or disability. You can discuss how it impacts the productivity of the affected people.
  • Essay On Racism And Discrimination
    It is perhaps the most common type of essay in the area of discrimination. Here, you must write about how a particular group of people is unfairly treated based on their race. Latinos, Asians, and Black Americans are often the victims of a racial prejudice and discrimination essay. Additionally, you can either make this essay expository. You describe the concept with good examples or narrative in nature where you help the reader understand discrimination by highlighting a particular race. Like any other essay format, you will begin with a racial discrimination essay introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Gender Discrimination Essay
    Just like the name insinuates, this form of essay will delve into discrimination perpetrated against a particular gender. When tackling this essay, especially when it is another gender other than your own, it is advisable to avoid reflecting gender bias in your writing.
  • LGBT Discrimination Essay
    Though we are past the 18th century with laws in favor of members of the LGBT community, discrimination is still significant. You can write an essay about the subject exploring the hurdles that gay couples and other related individuals battle in today’s society.
  • Age Discrimination Essay
    Other than race and gender, a lot of people face difficulties just because of their age. It might happen at the workplace, at home, or anywhere else. For instance, children might not have the chance to make crucial decisions in their lives owing to their age. The same applies to senior folks who might not have a say on whether to go to elderly homes or remain in their houses. Therefore, you might be required to write an essay detailing how people face prejudice due to how old they are.
  • Discrimination In Education Essay
    There are several reasons why individuals might be treated harshly in an education setup. This essay explores the struggles that different people face because of their race, religious beliefs, gender, and age. A considerable percentage of minorities and those in lower socioeconomic class in the U.S depend on state-provided welfare. It leads to unequal access to education. It is a perfect topic to write on for an essay on discrimination.
  • Transgender Discrimination Essay
    This paper sheds light on the discrimination and stigma that transgender persons encounter in society currently. You can choose to focus on any aspect of life, including sports, education, working place, etc.
  • Religion Discrimination Essay
    When individuals are mistreated owing to their religious beliefs, then that amounts to religious discrimination. Religion discrimination essays will require you to choose a religion, highlight how people receive adverse treatment for that, and explain how it affects their general well-being. In most cases, religious discrimination happens to minorities in a given region. It could happen to Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians, and so on. Remember, the religious composition varies from country to country. You can choose to do a case study of the U.S or U.K, where the population is predominantly Christian, and discuss the challenges Muslims face for their beliefs.

Want to Succeed Writing an Essay on Discrimination?

With our complete guide, writing an exhaustive discrimination essay should be a walk in the park. Nevertheless, if you still face some of the difficulties we have highlighted above, do not give up just yet. There is another alternative for you.

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