120 Best Anthropology Essay Topics To Research And Write About

anthropology essay topics

Essay writing is one of the most exciting parts of studying at a college or university. You get to dig deep into a topic, explore several options, and be creative and dynamic in how you express your research. Your essay is simply your reflection on how the world works.

If you’re an anthropologist or an undergraduate, you need anthropology essay topics to aid with brainstorming. Anthropology is split into several fields, and an access to an anthropology topics list can help you produce a high quality essay.

This blog post will show you different topic ideas for your upcoming paper, project, or essay, which will improve your chances of getting good grades. But first, what is anthropology?

What Is Anthropology?

Professors define it differently, but the general definition is that it’s an understanding of the human societies, the cultures woven around them, and how they developed.

It’s a field with several interests in what makes humans, and that’s why it analyzes the past, thanks to archaeology, linguistics, sociocultural sciences, and many other subfields.

Now that you know what it means, here are some excellent topics for your university essay or paper.

How To Get Good Grades In An Essay

There are several ways to have awesome grades in your essay, some of which are underrated. You need to develop a positive attitude towards studying, but you also need to:

  1. Be Punctual in Classes
    Punctuality in classes means you won’t avoid class, and this will improve your knowledge. It’ll also help you fill in missing gaps and gain knowledge as it’s handed down from your college teachers or university professors.

    You can also understand your professors to know what they want in their essays and what they don’t. This will help you identify their expectations, work towards them, and improve your chances at success.

  2. Be An Active Listener
    This complements punctuality and it helps you develop an ear for important facts. You also need to engage your professors as you’ll learn more by asking questions, and clear all doubts or second guesses, and improve your chances of success.
  3. Always Jot
    Practice the culture of note taking in class, while you study alone or with friends. These notes are your first reference point when you want to remember something you were taught in class or something you read. By listening (or reading) and jotting, you also tend to develop your retentive ability.
  4. Create an Efficient Study Schedule
    You need to plan how and when you want to read. Deciding your studying hours, location, and manner (with friends or solo) is an essential part of creating a healthy studying schedule.

    You also need to declutter your desk, clear your head, and get everything you need around you, including pens, notes and colored markers. You should also consider setting goals for what you want to achieve and what you want to cover each time you read.

  5. Hone Your Writing Skills and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
    You may be a good student, listener or researcher without being a great writer. You need to learn that. There are many writing experts online (an alternative to writing your papers), but you need to develop your skills if you want to create your informative essays.

    One of the ways to do this is to write consistently. You can freestyle with an essay or assignment and show it to your colleagues or tutors. Take their feedback and edits, incorporate them into your essays, and you’ll improve with time.

Anthropology Topics For Research Papers

You need to create a research-based assessment of human societies to get a degree as an anthropologist. These 30 anthropology topics ideas can help you brainstorm better:

  1. Explain the dimensions anthropology has manifested in the 20th and 21st century
  2. Examine the interrelatedness of anthropology with other research fields
  3. Discuss the meeting line of biological and physical Anthropology
  4. Examine the evolution of sign language and verbal communication
  5. Discuss how nutritional anthropology has been of use to globalization
  6. The uniqueness in the linguistics of the black people
  7. The uniqueness in the linguistics of an immigrant
  8. How anthropology offers an understanding of political systems
  9. Anthropology exists on the kinship between humans and their environment: discuss
  10. How can past ideas of law and justice can be understood through anthropology
  11. Reference a case study that gave a perspective to the dimensions of culture and his intricate it is in modern societies
  12. Evaluate the role of history in the crime rate in three countries of your choice
  13. How did humans fare in pre and post-capitalist societies
  14. What are the differences in the way of life of those in capitalist and communist societies
  15. Take a philosophical view of capitalism and communism and which promises a better way of life
  16. Can mental alertness be evaluated through an anthropological evaluation of a people’s history?
  17. Write five manifestations of paleontology in the field
  18. Discuss, with relevant books, if anthropology is science or arts
  19. Evaluate the historical perspectives of human rights
  20. How do tough sports empower women?
  21. How did the sexual revolution empower women?
  22. How does the use of cuss words boost confidence in people?
  23. Cuss words are as mainstream as slang: discuss
  24. Blues are songs of sorrow: comment
  25. Mahalia and contemporary artists: discuss their uniqueness and influence on black music
  26. Why feminism is the new buzzword
  27. How did the use of condoms empower men
  28. The American Dream is a mirage: Explain
  29. How did 9/11 change the untouchable identity of America?
  30. How did the 9/11 attack change Americans’ perspective on domestic and international politics?

Anthropology Topics To Write About

There are several topic lists with universal interpretations in the discipline. You can create a compelling paper or essay using any of these topics in anthropology:

  1. Write what you know about eugenics in the 21st century
  2. Write about the phobia around ageing
  3. Discuss the stereotypes around aging and childbirth in a society of your choice
  4. Clarify how smoking affects physical appearance
  5. How do different religious beliefs affect the western perception of African culture?
  6. Account for the evolution of gay marriage
  7. Analyze the similarity between the evolution of gay marriage and the sexual revolution
  8. Assess racism in Russia and America
  9. What are the religious practices that shaped today’s biggest cultures
  10. The influence of pop culture on today’s cultural practices
  11. What does culture shock means, and how does it affect people?
  12. Is reducing ethnocentrism a responsibility of branded leaders or the people?
  13. What does it mean to be brainwashed: take a clue from a society of your choice
  14. How do psychology and social environment engineer sexual interests?
  15. Investigate the link between culture and politics
  16. How does physical labor affect the human physique
  17. Draw a line on how African culture has tilted from what it used to be
  18. Argue against the assertion that America is the greatest country on earth
  19. Account for a primitive culture that still affects the world today
  20. Discuss what Kyphosis means in relationship to human senescence
  21. How do Japanese and Ghanaian societies understand ancestors?
  22. What are the top 5 understanding of human evolution
  23. Marriage rituals existent in America
  24. Account for terrorism and where it started
  25. Account for literature and the development of the reading culture
  26. What is the significance of Egypt in understanding primordial societies
  27. What is the line between genetic engineering and Anthropology
  28. How does social media shape modern culture
  29. How do art influence Anthropology and vice versa
  30. What does the Rabari culture of India prove?

Cultural Anthropology Topics

Anthropology is a diverse academic curriculum. If you’re fascinated by culture and want to set your project on it, here are 30 cultural anthropology essay topics:

  1. What does culture mean in modern societies?
  2. What roles do ancestors play in selected societies?
  3. Rationalize ritual and death in a society of your choice
  4. How clothing and design align with a person’s personality
  5. Investigate the practice of polygamy in America
  6. Investigate the culture of folklore
  7. Rationalize the concept of magic
  8. Write a data-driven essay about the existence of supernatural powers
  9. Account for five different death ritual techniques
  10. How does pre-existing culture fuel racism?
  11. The mythology around social class is unnecessary: discuss
  12. The history of gun legalization
  13. Explore migration in today’s society
  14. Discuss the traditional healing practices and how popular they are
  15. Discuss the role of extremism in contemporary understanding of religions with examples
  16. What’s the thin line between extremism and education
  17. Discuss three heroes in a society of your choice
  18. How does social status equal social role in any two societies of your choice
  19. How do festivals contribute to music in pre-colonial Africa?
  20. What’s your understanding of gangs, fraternities, and families?
  21. Discuss native cultures and how they fuel anthropology
  22. Write a profile on close societies and how they operate
  23. Discuss the emergence of literature and its contribution to human development
  24. Account for how two or three cultures treat health and wellness
  25. How do the Latino and Hispanic cultures treat education?
  26. Is migration an escape from poverty or a search for different experiences?
  27. The brands of feminism and what that means for the movement
  28. Gender roles and how it leads to stereotypes
  29. What does Barack Obama’s ascension if office means for the black community
  30. How does anthropology explore forensics?

Interesting Anthropology Topics

If you’re a fan of controversial and argumentative topics in anthropology, you need to be rooted in the knowledge. The following topics will help you understand anthropology and also help you develop profound perspectives while writing your essay or custom thesis:

  1. What do you believe is the genesis of racism
  2. Rationalize magic and supernatural beliefs in some societies
  3. How has AIDS changed how medical experts see disease
  4. What are aboriginal societies?
  5. Is there a network between magic and science?
  6. Evaluate the role of stereotypes in contemporary societies
  7. How does crime shape humanity?
  8. How do stereotypes keep humans attached to their uniform past?
  9. What is the distinct difference between Macau and China
  10. Examine Portuguese expansion outside Europe and its influence on vassal states
  11. Discuss British language power in the colonial years
  12. Why should everyone live without a gun?
  13. Discuss the clothing customs in Japan
  14. How did Japan rise from the ashes of solitude into a global technology hotspot?
  15. How social groups improve interpersonal relationships
  16. Sexual discrimination and when it started
  17. The influence of religion and rituals in understanding a society
  18. Examine the concept of religious diversity in Russia
  19. Discuss the concept of religious diversity in France
  20. How do France’s monocultural interests affect liberalism
  21. Roman Empire changed Europe: discuss
  22. The Genghis Khan changed China: discuss
  23. Pagan rituals: what it’s all about
  24. The origin and sustainability of Halloween
  25. What is the major relevance of Aztec civilizations from a religious point of view?
  26. How the noise on climate change affects real development
  27. Are older people fit to be public and government leaders?
  28. What natural selection in animals
  29. An overview of the Afghan way of life before and during the Taliban
  30. An overview of repentant terrorists and criminals and how they live

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