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definition essay topics

You are probably here for two significant reasons: you are either looking for professional definition essay topics examples or just curious to know what a definition essay is. In either case, this post is customized to help you master these two aspects like a pro.

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Basics For Topics For Definition Essay

As the name suggests, a definition essay involves writing a formal explanation of one specific word. Since this is an essay, you cannot write on a word with a limited definition, or else, you’ll end up with an essay of two lines.

A definition essay describes a problematic term that has a significant historical origin and background information. In such a paper, you will explain a concept briefly while giving it an accurate representation in its context.

For instance, the word ‘peace’ is a great example that allows you to delve deeper into its origin and eventual meaning. You may use the definition for the entire essay or employ a rhetorical style within an essay that may mix rhetorical styles.

What do I mean?

It would help if you used the definition to fully explain a concept before arguing about it in the essay body.

Such a paper may start with a simple dictionary meaning but ultimately contain an extended definition. For this to happen, your definition must be thorough and lengthy. Later on in this post, we shall explore a few standard tactics for completing this task like an expert. So keep your eyes peeled.

How To Write Good Definition Essay Topics

Now, for us to start on the right footing, we have to understand the structure of a definition essay. That way, we will understand the magnitude of arriving at a quality definition essay topic.

A definition essay follows the following basic structure:

  • The introduction: It starts with a captivating introductory statement that serves to create interest in the reader. It is followed by a transition sentence and then ends with a strong thesis statement. The latter now offers a clear statement of the definition.
  • The body: It comprises three body paragraphs that build upon the definition made in the introduction. Through this section, the reader should be able to know important information about the term. It includes an extended definition, denotation, etymology, and connotations, negations, and analogies of the concept.
  • Conclusion: It contains a restatement of the thesis statement and provides you with an opportunity to make a general statement about the term.

From the structure above, it is evident that your definition essay should at least carry three paragraphs. With this knowledge in mind, you will note that your essay’s topic should be wide enough to provide room for such details.

There are various approaches to such a paper. One of them includes analyzing the term by breaking it into segments and defining each element separately. You can also opt to give characteristics and other distinguishing features that describe the term.

The following tips will help you choose the right topic for your definition essay:

  • Consider an abstract word with a complex meaning
  • Ensure that the term is disputable
  • It would help if you had some familiarity with the word
  • Read and understand the dictionary definition of the term
  • Explore the origins of the term

With these tips, you can be sure of a top-notch definition paper that will earn you a top spot on your class merit list.

Are you ready for some exciting definition essay topics? They are only a click away.

Top Definition Essay Topics List

  1. Define the concrete and abstract concepts of the term ‘love.’
  2. Explain the concept of relationships in the African culture
  3. Define the concept of racism in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement
  4. Explain the concept of global warming in the 21st century
  5. What is a token of appreciation in the context of a school setup?
  6. Define the concept of privilege in a military setting
  7. What is the definition of race as a social construct?
  8. Define romance in the context of the Gothic romanticism
  9. Explain the concept of affection and intimacy in relationships
  10. Explain the concept of the cold war

Definition Argument Essay Topics

  1. Dissecting the pros and cons of the 5G technology
  2. Understanding the concept of the two sides of the coin
  3. Ways of defining corporate social responsibility in an organizational setup
  4. Defining inclusivity and gender equality in a societal context
  5. Understanding the concept of equality vs. equity
  6. What does ‘shared prosperity’ mean?
  7. Discuss the concept of euthanasia and the concentration camps
  8. What does it mean to cheat on your partner?
  9. The definition of social justice in the context of the US
  10. What does the phrase ‘made in America’ imply?

Definition Essay Topics For College

  1. What is your interpretation of being ugly?
  2. The meaning of the phrase, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’
  3. Describe the implication of the phrase ‘your majesty.’
  4. What is your interpretation of the term ‘humble beginnings?’
  5. Define the concept of the rich versus poor
  6. The correct interpretation of the term ‘feminist.’
  7. Delineate between a college and a university
  8. The definition of a middle-class person in the context of the United States
  9. What is donor funding from the World Bank?
  10. Define assonance, onomatopoeia, and alliteration

Impressive Argument of Definition Essay Topics

  1. What determines whether an election was fair or not?
  2. Define the concept of cheating in exams and what amounts to such a practice
  3. Healthcare definition of the cigarette smoking problem
  4. Define while listing the pros and cons of the death penalty
  5. Does buying homework from essay writers amount to cheating?
  6. The definition of privacy in the context of Social Network Sites
  7. Is the definition of true love exaggerated?
  8. What amounts to modesty in any person?
  9. Define what it means to be an honest person with integrity
  10. Definition of a Christian and a pagan. Do they have any similarities?

Creative Definition Essay Topics

  1. The actual marks of a hero
  2. What is the acceptable standard for a philanthropic person?
  3. Factors that necessitate one to be called generous
  4. An explanation of what true friendship means
  5. Are self-esteem and self-assurance the same thing?
  6. What are laziness and the marks of a lazy person?
  7. What is the difference between dating and courting in a relationship
  8. The traits of a selfish and mean person in the society
  9. Where is the borderline between knowledge and wisdom?
  10. The relationship between lust and obsession

Easy Definition Essay Topics

  1. What amounts to a sense of humor and a dry joke?
  2. At what point is one said to be under the influence of peer pressure?
  3. Are developing countries independent from their colonizers?
  4. Is male chauvinism an overrated hype in society today?
  5. What is the definition of ‘girl-child empowerment?’
  6. Explaining customer loyalty and retention
  7. Is a trustworthy person the same as a confidant?
  8. The characteristics of an introvert versus extrovert
  9. The word ‘fast’ in the context of the Muslim and Christian religions
  10. Trying to understand what prayer and petition are

Extended Definition Essay Topics

  1. Extra-judicial measures of obtaining information from suspects
  2. Indicators of ill-health in a calf
  3. Compare and contrast between empathy, sympathy, and apathy
  4. Characteristics of an honorable man
  5. Differences between the rights and responsibilities of citizens
  6. The role of a team manager and a team coach on the performance
  7. Differences in the American soccer versus English Premier league
  8. The meaning and application of the term sophomore
  9. Attributes that make a person stand out as a gentleman
  10. How to tell if someone has fallen for you

Good Topics For a Definition Essay

  1. What is the difference between freedom in the 15th and 21st centuries?
  2. Is there a thing as perfect peace?
  3. How do inmates perceive the term freedom?
  4. Explain the concept of slavery in the American history
  5. Define the concept of black and white races
  6. The role of human activists in pushing a societal agenda
  7. The conquest of towns and kingdoms in the past
  8. Reasons why students want long holidays
  9. Understanding the concept of copy and paste from Google
  10. Acts that can be considered heroic

Argumentative Definition Essay Topics

  1. What is the definition of a true warrior?
  2. Should presidents be leaders or rulers?
  3. What are the underlying differences between totalitarian and authoritarian rule?
  4. What makes females the weaker gender?
  5. Who defines socially constructed roles?
  6. Should a husband spy on his wife?
  7. The difference between uprisings and revolutions
  8. The role of the media as the Fourth Estate
  9. What constitutes a just judicial verdict
  10. Is there a more significant and a lesser crime in society?

Definition Classification Essay Topics

  1. Differences between World War I and II
  2. Define the different forms of political philosophy in the US
  3. What is the difference between different types of lecturers?
  4. The classification of different video games
  5. Distinguish the endings of different films
  6. Describe the various types of television news programs
  7. Analyze the different theories of how life emerged
  8. Describe the different tectonic movements
  9. Define the various types of alternative energy sources
  10. Define the differences between physical and social sciences

Controversial Definition Essay Topics

  1. Is abortion killing or saving lives?
  2. Does self-defense amount to the death of another party?
  3. Is there democracy in the appointment of ministers?
  4. Does cheating amount to sexual immorality
  5. Did the world evolve into being, or it was created
  6. The ethics behind the euthanasia concentration camps
  7. Who defines morals in society?
  8. Coping with conflicts at work
  9. Should leaders be good readers?
  10. Who determines right and wrong?

Topics For a Persuasive Definition Essay

  1. Define the term consumer spending habits in business
  2. What are the motivations for exercise every morning?
  3. Why children should avoid violent video games at all costs
  4. Is it possible to achieve ethical workplace behaviors in various organizations?
  5. Why it is possible to reduce stress without taking alcohol
  6. Is it true that character amounts to one’s destiny?
  7. Why friends on Facebook are not necessarily close confidants
  8. Reasons why Santa Claus is a myth for children
  9. Difference between getting your friends mad and going mad
  10. Why ambitions propel people to successful lives in the future

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