127 Exceptional Agriculture Essay Topics For Students

agriculture essay topics

What is agriculture? Also known as farming, agriculture is the practice of cultivating and harvesting a wide variety of crops and raising livestock. Nowadays, agriculture is an essential part of our economy and our lives. Without it, there would be widespread famine. And this is just one of the reasons why you should search for the most interesting essay topics on agriculture.

You can write your academic paper on just about anything, as long as it pertains to agriculture. Remember, you can also write about livestock and farm animals. You can write the paper on agricultural technology or even the latest fertilizers and pesticides. You can even research agriculture in remote parts of the world and write an extraordinary paper about it. However, you need a good topic to get you started. To help you out, we’ve created a list of 127 original agriculture essay topics that you can use for free. Check it out below:

Sustainable Agriculture Essay Topics

Our experienced writers and editors have managed to put together a list of sustainable agriculture essay topics that will surely impress any professor. Pick one and start writing today:

  1. What are cover crops and why are they important?
  2. Talk about biofuels
  3. An in-depth look at agritourism
  4. Agroforestry in the 21st century
  5. The importance of environmental health
  6. Social equity in sustainable agriculture
  7. Humane methods used for pest management
  8. Water management in sustainable agriculture
  9. The importance of crop rotation and diversity
  10. Reducing erosion through sustainable agriculture

Easy Agriculture Topics To Write About

You probably don’t want to spend too much time writing your paper. After all, you have other things to do. No problem, just take a look at this list of easy agriculture topics to write about:

  1. How much does raising a pig cost?
  2. Would you work on a farm? Why?
  3. Agriculture in India
  4. Talk about the world’s population and agriculture
  5. Discuss the use of water in agriculture
  6. Discuss agriculture in China
  7. The latest agricultural technology you’ve heard about
  8. Organic agriculture: pros and cons
  9. Talk about agriculture in Latin America
  10. Talk about genetic engineering in agriculture
  11. Agriculture in Eastern Europe

Interesting Agriculture Topics

In this list, we have collected all of the most interesting agriculture topics (in our opinion, of course). You can pick any one of these topics and use it for free. Yes, you can even reword them.

  1. The relation between agriculture and culture
  2. Challenges in livestock production in 2023
  3. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected agriculture?
  4. Improving agricultural productivity using sustainable methods
  5. An in-depth research of the global food system
  6. Grain and corn from Ukrainian farms affected by the war
  7. Renewable energy in agriculture
  8. Fish hatcheries: pros and cons

Agricultural Research Paper Topics

Our seasoned agriculture experts have just finished putting together a list of unique agricultural research paper topics. Take a look at these ideas and choose the one you like the most:

  1. An in-depth research of agriculture in Taiwan
  2. Talk about seed pathology in agriculture
  3. Discuss agricultural issues in North Korea
  4. The use of banned GMOs in Europe
  5. A closer look at Turkey’s agriculture
  6. Research the topic of water management in agriculture
  7. Food chain risks posed by the war in Ukraine
  8. Natural farming versus organic farming

Technology In Agriculture Topics

Technology plays a major role in today’s agriculture, as you can imagine. So, why now write your paper about one of these interesting technology in agriculture topics:

  1. Soil data sensing technology
  2. The Internet of Things in agriculture
  3. Talk about satellite imaging in agriculture
  4. Discuss weather tracking and its benefits
  5. Research pervasive automation in agriculture
  6. The use of RFID tech in agriculture
  7. What is vertical farming and how is it done?

Agriculture Persuasive Speech Topics

If you are struggling to write a persuasive speech about agriculture and don’t know what to talk about, we can help you out. Here are some original agriculture persuasive speech topics for you:

  1. Problems with soil degradation in the United States
  2. Talk about employment in the agricultural sector
  3. How is the genetic improvement of seeds done?
  4. The importance of the potato for our world
  5. Talk about sustainable grazing methods
  6. The importance of home gardening in 2023
  7. Managing plant weeds without using glyphosate

Food And Agriculture Essay Ideas

All of our food comes from agriculture, so it’s a great idea to talk about this link. We have a long list of unique food and agriculture essay ideas for high school and college students right here:

  1. Vegans and animal husbandry
  2. Where does KFC get all its meat from?
  3. The quality of meat coming from intensive farming
  4. Animal husbandry in the Middle Ages
  5. Dangerous nitrate concentrations in vegetables
  6. Talk about minerals in vitamins in vegetables
  7. Using chemicals in agriculture: a danger to our health

Importance Of Agriculture Essay Topics

There is much to talk about when it comes to the importance of agriculture. Here are some importance of agriculture essay topics that should get you started right away:

  1. The importance of good sheepdogs
  2. Talk about the importance of agriculture in India
  3. Discuss the importance of subsidence farming
  4. Agriculture in ancient times
  5. Talk about the importance of agriculture for Mayans
  6. The most interesting agricultural tools ever discovered
  7. Supply chain problems for KFC

Complex Agriculture Topics

If you want to impress your professor, you can give a more difficult topic a try. You can get some bonus points for it. Check out our latest list of complex agriculture topics:

  1. Discuss GMO corn in North America
  2. Talk about the use of solar power in agriculture
  3. Pumping water efficiently with minimal costs
  4. The latest global economic issues affecting farmers
  5. Greenhouse gas emissions caused by agriculture
  6. Talk about the controversies surrounding chemical fertilizers
  7. Challenges for modern agriculture in the United Kingdom

Livestock Topic Ideas

Yes, raising livestock is a significant part of agriculture today. So, why now write your essay or research paper on one of our interesting livestock topic ideas:

  1. How important are bees for our world?
  2. The dangers of raising yaks on your farm
  3. Research cattle farming in North America
  4. Discuss pig farming in European countries
  5. Talk about intensive animal farming (chickens)
  6. Talk about raising animals humanely
  7. Negative effects of cattle farms

Best Topics For Discussion Agriculture

Did your professor ask you to prepare for a discussion or debate on a topic in agriculture? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are the best topics for discussion:

  1. What animal do you think is the best for a farm?
  2. Do we really need farm subsidies?
  3. Talk about food processing tech
  4. Discuss the use of drones in agriculture
  5. Automation in agriculture
  6. Talk about the benefits of vertical farming

Agricultural Essay Topics For High School

Are you a high school student? Do you need to write a paper on agriculture? Perfect! Here are the absolute best agricultural essay topics for high school students:

  1. Hunter gatherer versus agricultural societies
  2. Talk about the negative effects of industrial agriculture
  3. Talk about the agricultural policy in Europe
  4. How has the rise of global temperature affected agriculture?
  5. Talk about how drought can completely destroy the global food system in less than 10 years
  6. The effects of pesticides on the population of bees in the US

Agriculture Paper Topics For College

College students should choose topics that are more complex in nature if they want to get a top grade. Check out this list of agriculture paper topics for college and choose one right now:

  1. The economics behind a sheep farm in the UK
  2. How important is the price of energy for local farms in Germany?
  3. An in-depth look at agricultural subsidies in North America
  4. Differences between the agricultural policies of North America and Europe
  5. An effective business model for an organic farm in 2023
  6. The impact of a 1 degree Celsius (33.8 Fahrenheit) increase in global temperature on grain crops in the UK

Controversial Agriculture Topics For Essays

Our experienced staff has worked hard to find the most controversial agriculture topics for essays. You won’t need to buy cheap essays with these topics! All of these topics are original, so you are already on your way to getting bonus points from your professor:

  1. The use of pesticides in North America
  2. Talk about genetically modified organisms
  3. Discuss the local food controversy
  4. Talk about climate change and its effect on agriculture
  5. The rise in demand for high quality food
  6. Organic food in 2023
  7. Discuss the wages of people working in agriculture
  8. Destroying the soil through intensive agriculture

History Of Agriculture Topics

Talking about the history of agriculture can be both fun and educative. After all, agriculture has suffered many major transformations over time. Here are some great topics to write about:

  1. Agriculture during the Roman Empire
  2. Talk about agriculture in ancient Egypt
  3. Agriculture in South Asia
  4. Agricultural tools in Mesopotamia
  5. Ancient Greek agriculture
  6. Discuss the evolution of organic agriculture
  7. Discuss the British agricultural revolution
  8. What is the Green revolution?
  9. Agriculture in Mesoamerica
  10. Research agriculture in the 20th century
  11. How has the war in Ukraine changed agriculture in Europe?
  12. Early development of agricultural tools

Other Agriculture Research Paper Ideas

This list contains all the agricultural topics that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. It’s a collection of other agriculture research paper ideas that professors may find interesting:

  1. Negative effects of modern pesticides
  2. The dangers of over-using fertilizer
  3. The most profitable livestock in 2023
  4. Raising myotonic goats
  5. The strange eating habits of geese
  6. Research the farmers of Gambia
  7. Raising Mangalitza pigs
  8. Talk about intensive animal farming in China
  9. The peculiarities of a yak farm
  10. Dangerous farm animals you should never raise

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