215 Great Education Essay Topics To Get Best Grades

education essay topics

Education is an enlightening and thrilling process of acquiring knowledge. The learning can be through a facilitator or solely done by an individual.

At some point, teachers will ask their students to discuss a topic by writing. Essay writing should be informative, persuasive, and fulfilling. However, some students find it a bit challenging to identify and argue an excellent education essay.

They get frustrated when instructors insist that they should be more specific when composing their essays when in a real sense they have no idea what topic to write about. And that is why students get stuck in the process.

Moving forward, this article will give you that essay help you need, and let you express your ideas fully. Below is a list of education topics that should earn you a good grade if you argue them well.

How to Outline Your Essay

Before we can look at the list, here is a pro guide to writing that great essay.

  • Introduction. When introducing your essay, you need to capture the readers’ attention. Include the hook; could be an anecdote or statistics based on proven research. Also, the thesis statement is a must. Divide the introduction part into two paragraphs of 150 words.
  • Body. The body is the second part of the essay and the most important. It’s critical as it carries the most weight. Here you get a chance to argue your ideas. Arrange them neatly in paragraphs so that the topic begins. The next sentence should entail the facts as you support them with evidence. Give examples too so that the reader can get a clear picture of what you’re trying to say. The body should have at least 3 paragraphs, each following the same pattern.
  • Conclusion. Last but not least is the conclusion. Restate your thesis and summarise some of the points you highlighted in the course of the essay. Then, you can give a call to action.

It’s just as simple as that!

Fulfilling Education Essay Topics

Do you want an ideal education essay topic? Finding an ideal topic is hectic, but with the right guidelines, you will be well equipped.

  1. Should students be granted time to recess?
  2. How much homework should students in day schools carry home?
  3. Relevance of tablets in primary schools.
  4. Should dress codes be mandatory for high school students?
  5. Importance of enough sleep during early childhood.
  6. Should exchange students in Africa be required to learn a second language?
  7. How effective is a standardized test on teenagers?
  8. Online education vs. traditional education.
  9. How does a charter school manage its classrooms?
  10. The differences between private and charter schools.
  11. Should boarding schools enforce military-type security to reduce violence?
  12. How do short breaks affect the retaining of the learned content among students?
  13. Student loans vs. self-sponsored programs.
  14. Freedom of speech on campuses.
  15. The best strategies teachers can use to manage classrooms.

Best Argumentative Essay Topics about Education

Argumentative essay topics can make you think thoroughly about a specific subject. However, you need to look at things based on various principles to succeed fully.

  1. Relevance of inclusion in Special education among schools.
  2. Parenting styles and how they mold behavior from early childhood.
  3. Thrilling ways to identify students’ diverse learning ways.
  4. The impact of technology on education.
  5. Compare and contrast educational policies of America’s most influential districts.
  6. Discuss racial inequalities and educational disparities in schools overseas.
  7. Racial and ethnic education in the US: Status and Trends
  8. What impact does your social class have on your education?
  9. Education and wealth: What’s the relationship?
  10. The widening wealth gap between poor and rich students.
  11. Education girls and gender inequality.
  12. The United States perspective on gender equality and education
  13. Using educational attainment as a yardstick to discuss employment and unemployment rates.
  14. Education is a powerful tool for social change.
  15. The impact of culture on global education.

Relatable Education Essay

Education is the backbone of prosperity. However, it’s not the only route to prosperity, but it plays a major role. Yes, you can still succeed using your talents, but getting an education is vital.

  1. Protecting and promoting the right to education to learners from minority groups.
  2. How politics and education are inextricably linked in America.
  3. The impact of poor policies on education.
  4. How education affects personal development in individuals.
  5. The impact of the use of ICT to educate.
  6. Importance of education and its contribution to national development.
  7. Some schools recommend learners improve their handwriting. Do the pros outweigh the cons?
  8. It is the responsibility of the instructor to inspire learners to work hard in school. However, the primary role of a teacher is to pass on knowledge. In your opinion, what is the role of teachers?
  9. What do you think can be done to balance the number of female students to those of males enrolling in science courses at college?
  10. What are the pros and cons of educating boys and girls in different environments rather than in the same facilities?
  11. Between the parents/guardian and the teachers, which of the two do you think have a greater impact on the student’s academic development?
  12. School administrators argue that after-school activities should be mandatory. This way even the underachievers can stay engaged with the school and thereby improving their grades. Do you agree?
  13. Some high schools encourage students to actively help with community work such as helping persons with disabilities, cleaning, and the elderly. Do you think this should be included in the curriculum?
  14. Do you think people who are educated are of more value than individuals who learned skills through experience?
  15. Henceforth, education intends to shun traditional examinations and embrace continuous assessments over the school year. Do you agree?

Essay Topics about School

School is an institution that is highly valued. A lot goes on in a school setting. Here are some essay topics about school that you can use in your research project.

  1. Education should be a requirement regardless of the economic status of all levels of learners. Discuss.
  2. Some teachers think that the best way to punish disruptive students is by asking them to leave their class. Do you think this is an ideal way to deal with such students? If not, what other strategies can be applied?
  3. Education aims at preparing learners for the modern world. Schools should therefore remove music and foreign languages from the curriculum so that learners can focus on critical disciplines like IT and Mathematics. To what point do you agree with this?
  4. Should parents put excess pressure on their children to do well in school?
  5. Discuss the advantages of not giving children homework to children every day.
  6. A child’s discipline is the responsibility of the school. What is your opinion on this?
  7. Discuss why the government should allocate more funds to science disciplines other than the other subjects for the country’s development.
  8. Vital parts of education such as arithmetic, reading, and writing have remained constant for centuries. With the introduction of computers, should IT be added as the 4th skill?
  9. What are the advantages of allowing international visits to teenagers in schools?
  10. Roles parents should play in their children’s lives.
  11. Are punishments like flogging ideal to modify behavior in children?
  12. Discuss some of the skills individuals can learn through experience that benefits the community.
  13. Why should foreign languages be introduced at the primary level instead of high school?
  14. Disadvantages of students having a relaxed dress code.
  15. In what ways do students gain from community work?

Realistic Topics about Education

Finding an ideal topic is a bit hectic when you aren’t sure where to start. Here are some of the best topics about education that you can use.

  1. Discuss ways education impacts social change of an individual’s image in their community.
  2. How should school heads address the issue of bullying in schools?
  3. Do people of higher learning earn more?
  4. What is the purpose of educating children?
  5. Discuss an education system.
  6. Importance of special education in our societies?
  7. Contrast the quality of education in Kenya to that of the USA
  8. Why it is much easier for some people to take education for granted?
  9. Why soft skills in learning are vital in an academic environment?
  10. Critical thinking in education.
  11. Teachers’ teaching styles are against the student’s learning style.
  12. Discuss the future of education.
  13. Memorization in schools.
  14. How can schools identify and assist students with mental problems?
  15. How unique is the 21st century model of education?

Fantastic Education Topics to Write About

These are some of the most ideal education topics to write about. However, before writing, ensure you plan and do thorough research. This will prevent you from not being thorough in your essay.

  1. Flaws are evident in the current system of education.
  2. The importance of changing the education curriculum.
  3. How can school heads integrate critical thinking into education systems?
  4. The pros of introducing sex education in schools.
  5. Are school policies gender equal?
  6. Historical bias in textbooks and lectures in diverse states.
  7. Are teachers’ wages enough compared to the roles they play?
  8. How can schools enhance diversity?
  9. Healthy living in schools and how they improve performance in students.
  10. Why do teachers favor some students over others?
  11. How can we prevent feverish in our schools?
  12. In case of conflict in school, how do ethics come in handy?
  13. Write an essay on cyberbullying.
  14. Pros of studying abroad.
  15. Causes of child labor.

Easy Essay Topic on Education

Do you know how to write an ideal essay? If yes, then you can use any of these topics to write an essay. Your professor will enjoy reading it. However, if you are not too confident, consider doing thorough research.

  1. Challenges plaguing higher education.
  2. Life after college: what to expect in the outside world and how to overcome the challenges.
  3. Sexual harassment and safety in schools.
  4. Student leadership in school and its benefits.
  5. Time management: discuss how students can manage both academics and extracurricular activities in school.
  6. How college students can start a business and its importance.
  7. How to avoid conflict among peers.
  8. Should students carry their mobile phones to school?
  9. Social functions of education in schools.
  10. To what point should teachers be persuasive when it comes to goal setting in students?
  11. Write an informative essay on the causes of mental issues in individuals
  12. Knowledgeable educators and social justice
  13. Write a thrilling essay on how good literacy skills among students are an indicator of a good teacher’s education
  14. School chancellors are having a hard time convincing students to talk about their experiences and feelings of i.e. Anxiety. How can they resolve this so that their academic performance can improve?
  15. Education is every child’s right. Validate this statement.

Simple Education Argument Topics

Argument topics require you to have real facts. If you want to argue a topic well, you will need to properly research, plan, and create a draft. This will help you to get top grades.

  1. Should there be a state-funded compulsory education?
  2. Should the state support higher education?
  3. Should athletic scholarships be offered?
  4. Should the state have authority over home-schooling?
  5. Should instructors’ abilities be evaluated frequently?
  6. Should schools be held accountable for kids’ low academic performance?
  7. Should the state prioritize small-group instruction or provide bonuses to teachers who work in large-group settings?
  8. Should school meals be regulated?
  9. How effective are remedial classes on campus?
  10. Should standards be established to govern the existing educational curriculum following the demands and requirements of the schools?
  11. Legal entanglements should be reflected in a student’s academic performance: Discuss.
  12. Discuss the potential repercussions of plagiarism, as well as the penalties that may be imposed on students who are discovered to have violated some of these regulations.
  13. Should all high school students be required to take life skills classes? What are the advantages of these classes for students?
  14. Is there the right age for children to start attending school?
  15. Are electoral colleges a must?

Topics Related To Education

These are some of the topics related to education. They are all vital in the scaling up of Education. You may even do research that will help you to meet with various Education stakeholders in your country. How would it feel when a policy is made from your research?

  1. The benefits of peer counseling.
  2. How to improve reading skills.
  3. Compare general knowledge vs. social skills.
  4. When is the appropriate time for students with EBD to learn social skills?
  5. Special education vs. inclusive classrooms.
  6. The pros of blended learning and autistic learners.
  7. Early detection of learning disabilities in learners.
  8. The effectiveness of music therapy to learners with an autism spectrum disorder.
  9. Is home-schooling better than the other forms of education?
  10. Do you think the introduction of sex education has led to the reduction of early pregnancies among teenagers?
  11. Benefits of online learning.
  12. Cheating in examinations.
  13. Uniforms in schools: is it improving student’s discipline or killing their personalities
  14. Should college education be mandatory?
  15. The future of virtual classrooms.

Argumentative Essay Topics Education

Do you love debates? Do they make your adrenaline rise? Well, if it doesn’t have an impact on you, consider choosing any of these topics for your essay, project, or proposal.

  1. Should instructors suppress national icons’ bad characteristics, acts, or habits?
  2. Should typing be taught to schoolchildren instead of writing?
  3. Should parenting lessons be taught in schools or universities?
  4. Should physical education be made a required subject?
  5. Should coding be taught as a topic from elementary school?
  6. Should schools be permitted to conduct drug tests on their students?
  7. Should parents be involved in their children’s education?
  8. Should the attendance/performance record in-class impact the course grade?
  9. Is home-schooling compatible with or superior to formal education?
  10. Should schools impose restrictions on what children bring to school for lunch?
  11. Can online education coexist with conventional education?
  12. Should beauty pageants be permitted at school?
  13. Are single-gender classes preferable to mixed-gender classes?
  14. Should public prayers and religious debates be prohibited in schools?
  15. Does the size of a class impact a teacher’s effectiveness?

Higher Education Essay Topics

When choosing a topic, you should also consider your professor or teacher. They need to approve your topic before you can take any other step. This is to prevent being told to repeat.

  1. How to exercise social media safety.
  2. Argue this; does a penalty on death deter crime?
  3. Effects of pollution in school environments.
  4. Discuss the implications of 21st-century globalization.
  5. Stress management options for college students.
  6. How is your experience as a postgraduate/ undergraduate?
  7. Given that students are a nuisance for most students after graduation, is it worth enrolling in your dream campus?
  8. Effects of plagiarism in higher learning.
  9. Why students pirate content and what do exactly is plagiarism?
  10. What do you understand about academic freedom? Does it even exist?
  11. Importance of higher education when job hunting.
  12. What are the perks and cons of technology use in higher education?
  13. Discrimination on race during campus enrolment.
  14. What are the advantages of social media in higher education?
  15. What are some of the problems women in higher education face?

Interesting Topics About Education

Who said education topics had to be boring? Here are some of the most interesting topics about education. They are easy to research.

  1. Online platforms and their effect on education.
  2. Challenges prospective teachers face.
  3. How critical is educational psychology?
  4. How can teachers support students’ mental health?
  5. What specifics should math teachers focus on when teaching algebra?
  6. Internet censorship: how to retrieve the right information. Should it be free?
  7. As a prominent college athlete, should you only rely on sports as a potential full-time career?
  8. Evaluate how artists should be given a chance to express their creative sides.
  9. Do you think the government is biased when it comes to funding allocations on certain social sectors? Give reasons and support your answers.
  10. Discuss the current financial scams
  11. Cons of excessive internet usage to teenagers.
  12. How innovations in technology affect physical interactions in families.
  13. Is there anything left that is original worldwide?
  14. Does lack of general education result in child labor?
  15. Write an engaging essay on how the quality of English lessons can be advanced.

Fascinating Education Topics

There are different languages out there. Each day, people become more knowledgeable. This triggers the need for more research to get to the bottom of various phenomena.

  1. How to attain universal literacy.
  2. Avoiding obesity in children
  3. Is it worthwhile to incur massive debt to pursue higher education in the United States?
  4. How can the government make teaching a more enticing profession?
  5. How can we make education more appealing by modernizing it?
  6. How do school clothing regulations discriminate against women?
  7. What are the benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling?
  8. Is today’s school system capable of producing geniuses?
  9. The value of multilingual education.
  10. There are guns in school. How to Create a Secure Environment.
  11. Do grades accurately reflect students’ knowledge?
  12. The effects of drug abuse vs. education.
  13. The importance of a healthy breakfast to students.
  14. Effects of bedwetting among teenagers and how this affects performance in school.
  15. How does the Harry Potter series influence reading in students?

Education Essay Topics To Talk About

If you are looking for an ideal education essay topic, you stumbled upon the best. These topics are ideal, straightforward, and simple.

  1. Everyone has the right to use the internet. Discuss
  2. Is aggressive conduct the result of playing violent video games?
  3. Should students be allowed to select what they study and who they learn from?
  4. Do men and women confront the same societal issues?
  5. Is nature involved in the formation of our personalities?
  6. Is the government doing enough to improve the lives of its citizens?
  7. Is smoking in schools a habit or a way of life?
  8. Students and parents should collaborate to improve their children’s academic performance.
  9. Male students have more educational possibilities than female pupils.
  10. Evaluate the effectiveness of homework on scaling up knowledge retention.
  11. How had technology impacted the knowledge base?
  12. Should there be a basic dress code for all students at school?
  13. How many days per week should students study; both at home and school?
  14. The importance of standardized testing for the student.
  15. The importance of learning different languages.
  16. The most spoken languages in the world.
  17. The best way to teach students; practically or theoretically?
  18. Is t ideal to have armed security at school?
  19. Can bullies be termed as dangerous to other students?
  20. Should student loans be repaid?

Is Your Essay on Education Too Challenging?

Education topics are a great option especially when you’re writing from personal experiences. However, you may argue your points based on what you believe can help impact change. When choosing a topic on education, don’t just settle for the easiest one. Instead, choose a topic that interests you and make it look fantastic for your reader.

When you are asked to write about education, some obvious ideas will reveal themselves to you. They may comprise, curricular activities, homework, school uniforms, academic tests, teachers among others. Out of such keywords, you must come up with a good and exciting topic that is original. If you need help, we have amazing customer support that you can reach out to.

Hopefully, you’ll find a great topic for your education topics from the ones listed above. And if you don’t, we’d be happy to hear some of the amazing topics you come up with in the comments. Good luck!

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