101 GRE Issue Essay Topics For Top Students

GRE Issue Essay Topics

When educators ask students to write about GRE issue essay topics, some ask, what is a GRE essay? A GRE issue essay is like a 5-paragraph essay in terms of structure, but a student can write 4 to 5 paragraphs. When reading this essay, the educator or the audience evaluates the skill the writer uses to address specific instructions while articulating and developing an argument supporting their issue evaluation. An adequately organized essay is easy for the audience to read and comprehend.

While developing the points, a reader should pepper their analysis with specific words for guiding readers through the entire argument. Such terms include although, because, however, furthermore, and alternatively to catch the audience’s attention. It’s crucial to note that you’ll have around 30 minutes to write this essay. Therefore, selecting the right topic can make all the difference. Here are sample prompts that you can use to practice drafting this essay.

GRE Issue Essay Sample Topics on Education

Students can address several issues in their essays using education topics. Here are some of the education topics that can serve as the GRE essays basis on education issues.

  1. Students should use part-time work to fund their education.
  2. All universities should make foreign language courses a graduation requirement regardless of the study field that a learner selects.
  3. Universities should limit the number of classes a learner can enroll in during the academic term.
  4. Learners shouldn’t use loans to cater to their living expenses or tuition anytime during their studies.
  5. The top priority for universities should be educating people in their cities or nearby areas while giving non-local students a secondary priority.
  6. Education can benefit people if they go back to school after spending time in the workforce.
  7. The basis of school policies should be what employers, teachers, and students want.
  8. Limiting classroom size can help students get adequate resources and support from their instructors.
  9. All university and college students can benefit from studying abroad for at least one term or semester.
  10. Every university or college should require learners to take different courses outside their study fields.
  11. When writing an essay on these prompts, focus on agreeing or disagreeing with the provided claim. Also, address the most compelling reasons with examples that the reader could use to challenge your stance.

GRE Prompts on Society and Technology

If you love addressing social and technological issues, this category has some of the best prompts for your essay.

  1. Universities should offer courses with at least one partial internet learning component to prepare learners for the contemporary world.
  2. Human activity and technology inevitably lead to more significant environmental damage and pollution.
  3. Developing countries’ leaders should focus on modernization.
  4. Investing in life-saving technology is valuable than any other investment in technology around luxury or entertainment.
  5. Technological advancements’ primary goal should be increasing people’s efficiency to allow them more leisure time.
  6. The possibility of supervised space travel past the earth’s moon is doubtful.
  7. Some argue that technological breakthroughs occur by chance and surprise discoveries, but some say well-planned, deliberate research is the only way to achieve technological advancement.

Consider any of these topics and then tweak or develop them creatively to respond to the issue in question.

GRE Writing Topics on Philosophy

Do you love philosophy? If yes, this category has some of the best GRE topics from which you can select the issue to address in your essay.

  1. Humans learn valuable lessons from struggling with limitations instead of enjoying their successes.
  2. Opportunities don’t come by luck. Instead, successful individuals seek opportunities continuously.
  3. The best teaching practice is praising positive actions while ignoring negative ones.
  4. Governments should provide university and college education to all students free of charge.
  5. Individuals can’t care for others without taking care of themselves.
  6. A society’s well-being improves when people question those in authority. Countries should have flexible laws that consider different times, places, and circumstances.
  7. A country should require all learners to study a similar curriculum until college.
  8. A person’s behavior is mainly dependent on forces rather than their choices.
  9. Formal education restrains the spirit and mind of a person instead of setting them free.
  10. Self-criticism is accurate and valuable than criticism from other people.
  11. Friendships among people that share a common space or goal, like classmates, neighbors, and co-workers, are more fulfilling.

Pick an example of a GRE topic in this category and then tweak it a little to use it as your essay title.

GRE Pool of Issue Topics

Perhaps, you need several topics that you can use to practice writing this essay. This category has a pool of issues that can serve as topics for your papers.

  1. Group assignments should replace a significant percentage of lecture-based instructions in university and college courses.
  2. In government, business, and education, it’s appropriate to be skeptical of your new leaders until they prove they deserve your trust.
  3. Some individuals argue that creative fields’ success requires perseverance and hard work. Others say it mainly needs innate talents that people don’t acquire in school.
  4. Presenting statistics and facts instead of emotional arguments is the best way approach for persuading people.
  5. The government should provide free college or university education to learners that these institutions admit but lack tuition.
  6. Countries should implement laws for preserving their wilderness areas even if humans can develop them for economic gains.
  7. It’s not easy to contribute to any field significantly without strong influence from past achievements.
  8. In politics, government, education, and business, the people in power should retire after five years of service.
  9. Some individuals believe that arts require government funding to flourish and reach all people, while others think this funding threatens art’s integrity.
  10. Governments should offer financial support to significant cities for them to thrive.
  11. Scandals focus human attention on issues in ways that no reformer or speaker can ever do.
  12. Learning institutions should dissuade learners from pursuing study fields where their success is unlikely.
  13. Studying the major cities of a town helps you to understand its crucial characteristics.
  14. People don’t act purely for others’ benefit.
  15. People consider historical learning an objective pursuit, but it requires creativity.
  16. Some individuals believe that empathy and understanding are the most crucial effective leader’s quality while others argue that a leader should be demanding and rigorous in their students’ expectations.
  17. Some people express boredom with a self-satisfaction sense while it should cause embarrassment.
  18. Imposing strict limits on the trash amount every household generates is the best approach for solving environmental problems arising from consumer-generated waste.
  19. Some individuals argue that politics’ goal should be pursuing an idea, while others believe that finding common ground and achieving a reasonable consensus should be the objective.
  20. The best argument test is the ability to convince the person with the opposing viewpoint.
  21. The people’s general welfare is the best indication of a country’s greatness rather than the achievements of artists, scientists, or rulers.
  22. No study field can achieve significant advancement without incorporating experience and knowledge from the other areas.

This GRE pool of argument topics should help you practice writing this essay. Try with several prompts in this category to enhance your argumentative and writing skills.

GRE Analytical Writing Topics

Analytical writing tests the ability of the learner to analyze issues and think critically. It assesses a learner’s ability to support and articulate complex ideas by constructing and evaluating arguments. Here’s a list of sample GRE analytical writing prompts to consider for your essays.

  1. Hospital statistics about people that visit the emergency room following roller-skating accidents show the need for additional protective equipment.
  2. The best ideas come from a passionate commonplace things interest.
  3. Research indicates that water sports usage is on the rise. Therefore, cities should spend more money on riverside recreational facilities.

Each of these prompts requires you to analyze the presented issue and then come up with an argument.

GRE Practice Essay Prompts

Maybe you want to practice with different prompts in readiness for an upcoming test. In that case, consider these prompts.

  1. A common perception is that excellent personal conduct is a quality of a good leader. But some people have a conflicting belief that personal morality doesn’t matter, provided a leader doesn’t break the law and executes their duties effectively.
  2. Some artists and scholars believe that color photography has removed the realism need in artistic painting, while others feel realistic artwork remains worthwhile and valuable.
  3. People should elect leaders in significant power positions rather than appoint them.
  4. A school of thought argues that management should promote experienced workers. But some businesses opt to select managers depending on their leadership skills rather than experience.
  5. Governments should employ accomplished filmmakers to develop films with crucial public messages.
  6. Enterprises should submit to the government’s close monitoring and regulation.
  7. Many countries have leaders prioritizing economic stability and development over environmental concerns. These leaders are at odds with most national leaders that feel the long-term environment’s health should be the basis of financial decisions.
  8. Famous art forms like storybook illustrations and advertising images will never achieve artistic merits like fine arts like sculptures and gallery paintings.
  9. A city’s life quality can’t be good unless experts plan it correctly.
  10. Cities shouldn’t allow private companies to do business if most residents oppose their operations.
  11. Cities should regulate their parking and place limits on lots to reduce traffic congestion.
  12. The rapid increase in life pace today leads to more problems than humans can solve
  13. Students should question what educators teach them instead of accepting everything passively.
  14. People define themselves primarily by their identification with specific social groups.
  15. Governments shouldn’t fund scientific research with unclear consequences.
  16. Learning institutions should encourage learners to select study fields that make them fit for lucrative careers.
  17. Governments aim to solve immediate problems instead of dealing with anticipated, future issues.
  18. College learners should select study fields based on jobs’ availability rather than their interests and talents.
  19. Countries should implement flexible laws that consider different times, places, and circumstances.
  20. An ideal way to comprehend a society’s character is by examining its role models and heroes.
  21. Countries should have few restrictions on development and scientific research.
  22. Contemporary life’s conveniences and luxuries prevent individuals from becoming independent and strong people.
  23. In every inquiry field, the beginner is likely to make significant contributions than an expert.
  24. The best indicator of a great country is not its artists’ and rulers’ achievements but the general people’s welfare.
  25. Learners’ academic performance should be the basis of their teachers’ salaries.
  26. Society should aim to save the endangered species if their potential extinction is due to human activities.
  27. Things don’t get comprehensible as learners acquire additional knowledge. Instead, they become mysterious and complex.
  28. Progress requires people to discuss with those with contrasting viewpoints.
  29. Learning institutions should dissuade learners from venturing into study fields that are unlikely to give them jobs.
  30. Those living after individuals should decide their greatness, not their contemporaries.
  31. Society can’t regard a living woman or man as a hero any longer.
  32. High grades’ competition limits learning quality at all educational levels.
  33. Instructors should teach facts after learners have understood trends, concepts, and ideas that explain them.
  34. Humans learn more from people with whom they share views than those with contradicting opinions.
  35. Government employees should depend on their judgment instead of following the will of their superiors.
  36. Society should encourage young people to pursue realistic, long-term goals instead of seeking immediate recognition and fame.
  37. Any means for attaining a worthy goal are justifiable.

You can use any of these titles to practice and sharpen your writing skills.

ETS Essay Topics

If looking for the best ETS topics, this category has some ideas for you.

  1. The goals a person sets are the primary measure for true success.
  2. Happiness comes from seeking different and new experiences.
  3. Cities provide more secure living than less developed areas.
  4. Nations shouldn’t have fixed laws; instead, countries should have flexible rules that consider different places, times, and circumstances.
  5. Science should reassure while art upsets, and each should have value.
  6. Governments can impose laws limiting people’s behavior, but they can’t restrict human nature.
  7. Trusting intelligence alone can be dangerous.
  8. People disregard past, great works because they don’t address their current needs.
  9. Reading books in the television age is not crucial because people learn almost everything from watching television.
  10. Most specialists are highly overrated. For this reason, the world needs more generalists to offer broad perspectives.

This category also has some of the best GRE AWA topics. However, each title requires creativity to come up with a winning essay.

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