Analytical Essay Examples

  Literary critics who discuss the theme of religion in Moliere’s comedy Tartuffe are generally divided in their opinions of the depth of the author’s criticism of this subject. On the one hand, there are those who claim that Tartuffe is not actually a satire on religion, but a satire...

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The Lord of the Flies by William Golding is about the darker side of life that the boys face on the island. The boys in the book have absolutely no control over the circumstances that occur. Lord of the Flies is a book portraying the series of disasters that occur...

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This paper provides a summary and analysis of “How Much Can Children Teach Themselves?”, a Ted Radio Hour podcast. First, it summarizes the key things in the podcast. Second, it analyzes the material in the podcast and assesses its value for learning and education. Sugata Mitra, a Professor of Educational...

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One of my most memorable childhood activities was the simple game of tag. The variant I remember most fondly was known as freeze tag, which involved players who had been tagged being required to stay in place until the round ended. The game was played as follows: one person was...

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Written in 1944 prior to his masterpiece Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison’s short story “King of the Bingo Game is often viewed by scholars as a precursor for the above mentioned novel. The story, however, truly does stand alone. Alienation is a topic many authors throughout the history of the world...

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I personally agree with my results produced from the PsyCap Assessment. I do display throughout most of my social and professional interactions, a high level of self-efficacy, resilience, hope and optimism with optimism being my weakest area. I am able to communicate on a respectable level, my respective opinions and...

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The Social Network is concerned with the growth of Facebook. The film depicts several of the aspects of the business that enabled it to grow into the enormous success that it is today, while also demonstrating the nature of the characters involved, especially Mark Zuckerberg and his former friend and...

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The article in particular, focuses on subsequent weaknesses in the Australian labor market and its ability to recover from initial slides at the start of 2015 and also after the Global Financial Crisis. This is substantiated by backward trends in employment throughout the second half of 2015 and a steady...

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A project closure checklist that could be used to close out the New Generation LLC includes the following: completion of all relevant activities pertaining to the development of the day care centers at the project’s five main locations. This involves completing the development of each site’s daycare center facility and...

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A key social movement that has emerged over the last 40 to 50 years is the resource mobilization theory. It is significant as it helps to discuss the co-ordination and social activity of large movements of people, which have been collaborated to achieve a certain purpose or being. It analyzes...

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It is inevitable that a force as monumental as globalization should present both benefits and challenges, or disadvantages. The world is literally interacting at unprecedented levels and, as this is inevitably an expanding reality, the effects, positive and negative, then become more prominent. In terms of advantages, to begin with,...

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As societies have matured over time from our cave-dwelling ancestors to the technologically advanced civilizations of today, there have been an immeasurable amount of differing religious beliefs. Pantheism has slowly given way to the common Monotheistic views of recent history, and has pervasively perpetuated every corner of the Earth. As...

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Mark Twain's The Damned Human Race is a text that seeks to employ satire in order to undermine humanity's conception of itself and its role in the universe as a whole. Indeed, it aims primarily to use the logic of the classification of species, something that was prevalent at Twain's...

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It is true that most of the texts in the “alternative genres" unit are questionable literary however based on their contents, the text has literary value. It is because these genres are characterized by literary technique, tone, and are organized in content with varying length. Tone in these genres have...

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At the beginning of Oates’s story, we get a picture of a very confident and comfortably sexual girl in the character of Connie. By the end of the story Connie has turned into a frightened little girl. Connie’s devolution represents the tug of war that takes place around adolescence as...

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The play “Fences” written by August Wilson, premiering in 1983, is a two act play which is set in the 1950s. The play tells the story of an African American former baseball star in the Negro Leagues who later becomes a garbage man, Troy Maxson, and his interaction with his...

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Jimmy is an example of a character who demonstrates cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is a defense mechanism that people use when they get psychologically uncomfortable because they hold two opposed ideas or values at the same time. When an idea comes in that crowds out the idea that they previously...

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The United States is a nation governed by the rule of law. The constitution provides for a due process to be followed during the arrest and conviction of suspects. A suspect is innocent unless proven guilty by a competent court of law. There are other victim rights such as the...

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It is interesting to observe that shifts within a culture may actually go to changes in belief systems themselves. As men and women experience new realities, they often turn to ideologies, or even faiths, that provide them with comfort. More remarkable is when this social need goes to validating as...

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After conducting my interviews with both consumers and the seller, marked similarities and differences were present regarding current trends in consumer behaviors of boat owners. The market for the purchase of boats is a rather narrow one, and as such, it was interesting to see what thoughts were on the...

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Stop time is coming of age story about Frank Conroy and his learning about being an adult and human nature in general. The major theme is the story of a boy’s childhood. The underlying them is exploring the responsibilities as well as the attraction of individuals in their real and...

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According to the personality inventory, I am in the category of logistician, which is apparently the most common type around the world. I am the kind of person who is extremely responsible and takes charge of situations with dedication. I am driven to succeed, and I get a lot of...

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The song that I am going to speak about is Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head by B.J. Thomas. This song was initially written for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and it became a true hit immediately after the film release. The inspiring lyrics of this song as well...

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The source to be analysed in this paper is an extract from 'The Journal of John Jourdain: Describing his experiences in in Arabia, India and the Malay Archipelago.' The extract is entitled 'A True Relation of the Hollanders abuses offered to our nation in the East Indies since the year...

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As with any possible estimation there is always something that may go wrong, and the process of determining the direct material costs and other direct costs for a project is no different. The term “direct costs” refers to the price that may be completely attributed to the creation and production...

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Analytical Essays: Top-Notch Writing Guide

“How to write an analytical essay” is one of the most browsed questions online. Here is how to do it from top academic experts with bonus tips. 

Analytical writing demands that students should be ready to spend more time hitting books hard. Writing an essay of this type entails having a scientific mindset of analyzing facts and figures. 

Analytical Essay: Definition

In simple terms, it is an essay where an argument comes first, and then a thorough analysis of it is done. The writer breaks down a topic into manageable parts, then discusses it as a dissection of the whole. 

An analytical paper can be for the following:

  • A book
  • A poem
  • A company
  • A research paper
  • A movie

The scope of your analytical essay does not matter. For it to be an analysis, the topic should be dissected in a manner following the rules and formatting of this essay type.

Keep reading to familiarize yourself with these rules and formatting.

Writing an Analytical Essay: The Structure

Before we embark on the actual writing of this paper, we should first get acquainted with the analytical essay outline. It forms the fundamentals of writing this paper. With this at hand, you will be in a place to write one of the best analysis essay. 

1. The Topic

Knowing how to write an analysis essay begins with the topic. You should bear in mind that the problem will not merely be described, but also, its peculiarities and essence brought out clearly in the body. It should, therefore, be in a manner that enhances the understanding of readers.

The title must:

  • Be enticing and engaging
  • Unique and captivating
  • Give an adequate explanation of the body precisely

2. The Introduction

What is an analysis essay introduction? It is inarguably one of the most critical parts of your essay. For such an article, the introduction should follow the guidelines below: 

  • Offer a lead-in for the reader
  • Include your thesis statement
  • Give a general flow of the analysis paper

The thesis statement moves the audience from the broad lead-in statement to the primary topic and your personalized view of the essay topic. It acts like the anchor, which determines the direction of the essay.

3. The Body

Get to showcase your splendid analytical writing skills in this part of the article. The body provides well-researched, convincing, and clearly-thought out arguments that support the thesis statement. 

The following is how to write an analytical essay body without fear of contradiction:

  • One case discussed per paragraph
  • Writing should be in an objective tone
  • Rationality should inform any judgments made
  • Opposing arguments included creating unbiasedness

The secret is:

As an analytical writer, yours is to provide conflicting views. Therefore, presenting your arguments makes it possible to counter different aspects. 

4. Conclusion

A short and concise conclusion will do the magic for an analysis paper. A summary of the analysis should wrap up the essay in a colorful and captivating bow. The end should indeed show that your point of view is better in terms of the bigger picture. Avoid the temptation of introducing new ideas at this stage. 

Before we take the final salute, here is something to take home with:

Life-Saving Analytical Essay Tips

  1. Conduct thorough research
  2. Identify the links between the various aspects of your topic
  3. Try to offer a solution to the main problem

Some specific words inherent to this type of essay include:

  • Process
  • Definition
  • Classification and division
  • Comparison and contrast

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