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The source to be analysed in this paper is an extract from 'The Journal of John Jourdain: Describing his experiences in in Arabia, India and the Malay Archipelago.' The extract is entitled 'A True Relation of the Hollanders abuses offered to our nation in the East Indies since the year...

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As with any possible estimation there is always something that may go wrong, and the process of determining the direct material costs and other direct costs for a project is no different. The term “direct costs” refers to the price that may be completely attributed to the creation and production...

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Students graduating from law school today face huge challenges in their efforts to find full-time careers utilizing their degrees. After spending their own, their families’, and student loan money, these students emerge from law school deep in debt (estimated $100,000 worth of student loans on average) (Jost 16), yet unable...

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The following paper is an analysis of the contract between the State of Oregon’s Department of Human Services (henceforth DHS) and the company ‘Professional Data Exchange’ (henceforth the contractor). The contract takes the form of a service agreement for the contractor to provide system design and programming services for DHS...

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9/11 changed the world. Most specifically, the events on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, sent America into collective grief. It also created stark terror for individuals. While America had experienced massive trauma at the Oklahoma City Bombing, it still believed that terrorism would not happen on home soil....

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AirAsia “established itself as Asia’s most successful low-cost airline” by the year 2009 (Grant, p. 558) and through a review of the case study entitled “AirAsia: The World’s Lowest Cost Airline,” it is possible to provide both an internal and external analysis of the company and determine its development statement....

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Translated from French, “film noir” means black film. The term was first coined in the 40’s and, in fact, Double Indemnity (1944) is thought, by many, to have set the bar for film noir (Caldwell 2008). When compared to Memento (2001), considered by some to be a complex neo-noir film,...

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Analytical Essays: Top-Notch Writing Guide

“How to write an analytical essay” is one of the most browsed questions online. Here is how to do it from top academic experts with bonus tips. 

Analytical writing demands that students should be ready to spend more time hitting books hard. Writing an essay of this type entails having a scientific mindset of analyzing facts and figures. 

Analytical Essay: Definition

In simple terms, it is an essay where an argument comes first, and then a thorough analysis of it is done. The writer breaks down a topic into manageable parts, then discusses it as a dissection of the whole. 

An analytical paper can be for the following:

The scope of your analytical essay does not matter. For it to be an analysis, the topic should be dissected in a manner following the rules and formatting of this essay type.

Keep reading to familiarize yourself with these rules and formatting.

Writing an Analytical Essay: The Structure

Before we embark on the actual writing of this paper, we should first get acquainted with the analytical essay outline. It forms the fundamentals of writing this paper. With this at hand, you will be in a place to write one of the best analysis essay. 

1. The Topic

Knowing how to write an analysis essay begins with the topic. You should bear in mind that the problem will not merely be described, but also, its peculiarities and essence brought out clearly in the body. It should, therefore, be in a manner that enhances the understanding of readers.

The title must:

2. The Introduction

What is an analysis essay introduction? It is inarguably one of the most critical parts of your essay. For such an article, the introduction should follow the guidelines below: 

The thesis statement moves the audience from the broad lead-in statement to the primary topic and your personalized view of the essay topic. It acts like the anchor, which determines the direction of the essay.

3. The Body

Get to showcase your splendid analytical writing skills in this part of the article. The body provides well-researched, convincing, and clearly-thought out arguments that support the thesis statement. 

The following is how to write an analytical essay body without fear of contradiction:

The secret is:

As an analytical writer, yours is to provide conflicting views. Therefore, presenting your arguments makes it possible to counter different aspects. 

4. Conclusion

A short and concise conclusion will do the magic for an analysis paper. A summary of the analysis should wrap up the essay in a colorful and captivating bow. The end should indeed show that your point of view is better in terms of the bigger picture. Avoid the temptation of introducing new ideas at this stage. 

Before we take the final salute, here is something to take home with:

Life-Saving Analytical Essay Tips

  1. Conduct thorough research
  2. Identify the links between the various aspects of your topic
  3. Try to offer a solution to the main problem

Some specific words inherent to this type of essay include:

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