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The atlatl is a weapon originating in the Stone Age that is still used in parts of the world today. It is also known as a spear-thrower or dart thrower (Rhodes 46). It has had many purposes over the years in the realms of hunting, fishing, and fighting. The remains...

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Question How do the selected stories utilize the aspects of characterization and narrative voice to achieve their effects? Thesis Many short stories are widely known, though it takes a truly well written short story to capture the attention of the populace decades after it was initially written. In order to...

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Abstract This essay explores the concept of gender inequality, the reasons for inequality in the society and further examines how gender inequality can be eradicated in the society. According to many studies, it is established that gender inequality is still a topic of discussion globally. The essay analyses research articles...

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Although most environmental engineers will argue on what the most efficient means are for producing renewable energy, most will agree that there are clear incentives for switching from dependency on fossil fuels (Wiens, 2013). Within a mid-size rural/urban community of approximately 1 million inhabitants, the most efficient means of generating...

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Gender roles refer to acceptable, desirable or appropriate social role that is based on ones perceived sexuality. While today the aspect of gender role seems to reduce, in early ages and middle age to be specific, men and women performed different tasks that were defined by their sexuality. There were...

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One only needs to look at the architecture of Washington D.C. to recognize that the Founding Fathers drew great inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Rome and Greece. However, the influence of the ancients on the Founding Fathers extended much further than mere architecture. This influence was significantly seen in...

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One of the biggest challenges facing employers is employee retention. This is because increasing competition requires personnel to become involved in activities which are stressful and must continually meet the demands of cliental. These problems require staff members to work more and engage in a variety of activities. This creates...

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The Ultimate Research Essay Writing Guide

The sole reason why most students fail to score well on research essays is that they are not acquainted with the format. Fortunately, learning how to write a research essay isn’t rocket science, and can be done in the time that it would take for one to read this article. When it comes to writing a research essay, the basic purpose is to fill in the gaps of or add to the knowledge of a particular domain. Once this much is understood, half the battle is already won.

Finding a Research Essay Focus

Knowing how to start a research paper is as important as writing it in full. Of course, it goes without saying that your research paper should be focused on something you truly care about. At this stage, your main focus should be conduct preliminary research, finding and selecting reading sources, and developing a thesis statement. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Conduct Preliminary Research: The first step should include gathering as much information on the given subject as possible. Scour through journals, books, periodicals, and the like and gather them all in one place.
  2. Developing a Thesis Statement: The next step involves developing the all important thesis statement. This is what your paper is all about. Ask yourself again – What is a research paper and how is this going to help add to the knowledge domain?
  3. Outlining: Once your research and thesis is taken care of, it is time to prepare a research essay outline. Without a proper outline, even the best thesis statement can fall apart before it can develop. It helps to check out one or two research paper outline example for clarity.

Developing the Research Essay Body

Once the preliminaries are set, you are beset with the task of actually writing out and developing your research essay outline. If you’re wondering how to start a research paper and actually write it, then follow the steps given below:

  1. The Introduction Though the first draft of your introduction is not going to even come close to the final draft, it pays to develop and flesh it out. It is here that you will present the necessary contextual material, define important concepts, and reveal your research essay format.
  2. The Body: This is the part where you build around the points that you want to make. Integrate your sources, summarize, explain, and evaluate the existing literature. Your research essay should move through different levels of abstraction for maximum clarity.
  3. The Conclusion: Return to the thesis statement, clearly reiterate and summarize your arguments and reveal the significance of your research paper.

Revising the Final Draft

Now that you have done all the heavy lifting, it is time to tie things together, condense, and make them presentable. Follow the steps mention below for the same:

  1. Organization: Read your paper in full paying special attention to flow of ideas, coherence and depth, and effectiveness of your resolution.
  2. Paragraphs structure: Ensure that every paragraph is dedicated to an idea and contributes to the overall piece. Look for places where sentences can be summarized, and mark transitions wherever necessary.
  3. Documentation: Finally, ensure that the whole document adheres to a single citation system. Make sure that all footnotes, endnotes and list of secondary researches are properly cited. This will differentiate a good essay from an impeccable one.

Research Essay Examples Are Here For You

Learning how to write a research essay can seem like a daunting task at first. However, proper guidance and periodical assessment of your work in progress can do wonders for your endeavor. If at any stage you find yourself stuck, you can reach out to MyCustomEssay for assistance and find various research essay samples.