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Introduction One of the core issues on today’s eco agenda is whether global warming is affected by manmade factors or is it a purely natural phenomenon. Recent scientific reports and statistical numbers prove that humans are causing climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces. This view is supported...

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Transhumanism is the belief that humans can become much more advanced, beyond the limitations of biology that are the source of human weaknesses (Farrell, & De, 2011). Transhumanists believe in the possibility of technology improving upon the human race in various ways. According to Blake, Molloy, & Shakespeare (2012), the...

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Nearly everyone with a Facebook can tell that the ads on the site are catered to them. Do a simple search for, say, ceiling fans on Google and suddenly advertisements for ceiling fans are popping up on your Facebook feed. While somewhat tactless, most of us find the advertisements harmless...

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Introduction The correlation between the actualization of human rights and the conservation of the natural systems and biodiversity is a pertinent issue, which raises divergent viewpoints and theoretical suppositions from scholars around the globe. The conservation of the natural systems and biodiversity is axiomatic as it invigorates the actualization of...

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Introduction The controversies around use of the child labor still continue to disrupt business environment and status of most global companies. Child labor implies employment of young people for any job in deprivation of their childhood resulting in several forms of impairment in their community. In fact, many consumers are...

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Dr. Faustus is an Elizabethan tragedy that was authored by Christopher Marlowe. The story highlights the life of a man who is after power and knowledge to which the lead protagonist associates with Godhood. Dr. Faustus is the lead protagonist in this play. He follows in the footsteps of Lucifer...

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Global village (globalization) has been a contentious issues for the last decade. It the continuous development phenomenon that has been going on for the last three decades. Contemporary researchers and scholars have been debating on whether globalization is more advantageous or disadvantageous. According to Bauman (1998), the modernized information technologies...

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The dependence of oil as the dominant source of energy in the world has led to a lot of political conflicts in the depletion and accessibility of the oil products. The consequences of using oil are detrimental to the lives on earth. They are more daring and exceed the benefits....

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Schools exist not to merely provide instructions in different subject matters but also teach skills to survive and thrive later in the real world. Students usually enter school when they are barely making sense of the world and graduate from high school life just when they are about to enter...

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Arguably the greatest challenge of the U.S President Barack Obama’s presidency has been the universal healthcare law, also commonly referred to as ‘Obamacare’. Like any major public issue, Obamacare has both supporters and opponents who present a number of arguments in their defense. But Obamacare should be supported because the...

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It is not hard to understand the lure of money. Money gives you power and status in the society and it helps you stay ahead of the Joneses. The classical economic problem of scarcity of resources, which is a fact of life for the majority of the inhabitants of this...

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“Cultural lag” is a term firstly used by the scholar William F. Ogburn in 1922. William F. Ogburn intended to show that frequently changes in societal culture turned out not congruent with the economic changes that took place. Ogburn’s hypothesis therefore was based on the premise that many cultural changes...

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There is divided opinion on the benefits of technological advances and modern conveniences on the quality of life in modern society. While some people insist that technological advances have been beneficial and improved the quality of life, others argue that such advances have negative effects on the lives of people....

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What Is An Argumentative Essay? The Complete Guide

Most students today do not know what is an argumentative essay. In simple terms, an argumentative essay is an essay where you take a stance on the subject being discussed. For an argumentative essay to be deemed as good, you need to persuade the reader to understand and support your viewpoint about a subject by stating your reasons and providing enough evidence to back your theory up.

Argumentative essays are commonly used in high schools and colleges. Mostly, topics for this type of essay are related to health care, politics, technology, and science.

Argumentative Essay Format Structure

An argumentative essay format structure is quite easy. The goal of your essay needs to outline your perspective, reasoning’s, and proof. While learning how to write an argumentative essay, you will also understand that the overall integrity and structure of your essay can be held together by the following:

1. Introduction: The introductory paragraph of your argument essay needs to state the overall objective of your essay, provide the needed background information that will help the readers understand your argument, outline the pieces of evidence that you are about to present, and state your thesis.

2. Thesis statement: This is a part of your first paragraph and is a one-sentence and concise summary of your main claim.

3. Body paragraphs: An argumentative research paper consists of three or more paragraphs that will explain why you are covering and supporting the subject matter. Each paragraph will cover a different piece or idea of the evidence and contain a single topic sentence, which will explain why your audience will agree with your arguments.

These are the paragraphs where you will back all your claims with text citations, studies, statistics, research, and examples. You also need to address the opposing views and explain to them why you disagree with or disprove them. You need to present all your facts correctly and consider a topic from every available angle; this will help you add more credibility to your work and gain the trust of the reader.

4. Final thoughts/Conclusion: This is the paragraph where you will summarize and restate your thesis and all the arguments that you made in the above argumentative paragraphs. You should appeal to the emotions of the reader here, instead of presenting more new facts and/or arguments. You may also use a personal anecdote to explain why and how this particular topic affects you personally.

Some Tips On Writing An Argumentative Essay

If you want to know how to start an argumentative, here are some tips that can help do so:

Types Of Argumentative Essays

There are three different types of argumentative essays. You can either choose any one format or mix them all to create your own argumentative essay:

  1. Classical argument strategy
  2. Here, your argumentative essay outline should contain the main argument and opinion; you need to work your hardest to convince the audience why your stance is the right one. The classical argument strategy, or also known as Aristotelian, is considered one of the most popular strategies for making an argument because it is the simplest line of thinking to follow. Additionally, your reader will also don’t have to process a lot of information, since the facts are outlined in a concise manner.

  3. Rogerian argument strategy
  4. In this type of argument strategy, you need to present your claim and back it up and justify the backup to the claim of your essay. The Rogerian argument strategy is considered more effective for essays containing polarizing topics; both sides of the topics are acknowledged and the middle ground is presented in the argumentative essay.

  5. Toulmin model of argument
  6. Lastly, you have to present your claim and the linked backup in the Toulmin model of argument. Similar to the Rogerian argumentative essay outline, this type of argument works for polarizing topics as well. However, the difference here is that you present only one of the two topics. You also need to hinge particularly on the facts and present them in such a way that the claim cannot be argued against easily.

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