Argumentative Essay Examples

THE CASE FOR AND AGAINST MICRO-CHIPPING CHILDREN The question as to whether or not one should use micro-chips to track the whereabouts of children would at one stage have appeared to be clearly dystopian. However, it is now one a serious topic of conversation and one that can be seen...

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Everyone has a talent. We all know the person who can sing perfectly on pitch, the one who can turn a can of beans, a ham bone, and some spices into a feast, or the one who has the ability to fix any machine with a few tools and a...

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Artificial intelligence, or A.I., refers to computer technology being capable of independent thought. This is a controversial topic because the idea of computers thinking for themselves has many significant implications, such as computers, rather than humans, making key decisions that affect human life. There is also the potential for artificial...

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The apparent role of religion in everyday life is something that is frequently discounted in the contemporary world. Most individuals now consider themselves to be living in a mode in which direct engagement with conceptions of the sacred are no longer necessary. This paper will question this assumption by drawing...

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Arguments For. Energy drinks that contain alcohol are the subject of much debate. According to those who believe that such beverages are dangerous enough to ban, there are many factors that make them more dangerous than other alcoholic or caffeinated drinks. For example, introducing caffeine to alcohol intoxication may mask...

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In present society, there are many social ills that people face on a daily basis. In turn, it is vital to understand the various issues faced by different individuals with regard to the situation at hand. One of the issues that can be classified by both a domestic and global...

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Cigarette Smoking is responsible for over 480 thousand deaths each year in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Smoking tobacco was introduced to the United States around the 1800’s but only become popular around 1919 due to the horrors of the Great War....

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Most of the people in the world grow up in families with some kind of religious affiliation and as a result their early education in morality often has religious influence. One of the common themes among world religions is that good deeds lead to salvation and/or an eternal life of...

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It is often said that ‘sex sells.’ This statement can be extended to drugs and violence as well. These statements resonate within the film industry. Yet there is a fairly recent industry that has marketed drugs, sex and violence—video games. Unlike the transparency of movies, video games are mostly played...

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The war on drug has lasted for many decades and during this time, the government has spent immense sums on money to keep drugs away from the citizens. However, so many years of experience have shown that this strategy does not work. Drugs continue to be sold, bought and used...

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The right form of exercise is key to a longer, healthier life, though there are some types of exercise that may actually be worse for you, than none at all. Studies and anecdotal evidence have demonstrated that exercise can help one to live a longer happier life. However, the evidence...

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Helicopter parenting is on the rise. The first decade of the 21st century witnessed the growing number of parents, who were willing to care for their college-aged children. The developed society is confused as to whether helicopter parents can successfully accomplish their mission without limiting the freedoms and choices of...

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The aesthetics of chola makeup can be explained in terms of the sociological concept of disidentification. Chola makeup cannot merely be looked at as a banal fashion statement, but instead as something that carries within it a deep network of social meanings. To understand Chola makeup in terms of disidentification...

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Kitchen fires can be scary enough for individuals who are physically able to move around without the need of assistive devices such as a wheelchair, but this problem can be scarier for someone who depends on assistive devices to get around. For example, a person who is wheelchair bound can...

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Risk identification and management is a vital component for the success of any organization as it helps in minimizing risks and ensuring that proper strategies are initiated to minimize the extent of any likely threats. The human resource (HR) department is one of the most crucial segments in a company...

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According to Ibrahim (2014) it is essential that community health nurses (CHN) improve their knowledge of emergency preparedness in order to best present this knowledge to the members of their community and initiate rapid yet efficient response. Petersburg, Virginia is “susceptible to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, winter storms and yes even...

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1a) The World Health Organization recommends a minimum per capita water supply of 15 liters per person per day in an emergency. Therefore, the minimum amount of water supplied would be 4000 x 15 giving 60,000 liters per day and a maximum of about 5000 x 15 giving 75,000 liters...

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In the contemporary world, businesses rely heavily on computers and information technology systems for the smooth running of operations. However, the modern technology is prone to significant security and malfunctioning issues that may result in loss of data and finances. For this reason, organizations should be well equipped in preparation...

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Times beach disaster in Missouri left a considerable mark on the lives of the people back then as they were forced to move out of their homes. The disaster happened after the Meramec River busted its banks and as a result, the town was submerged. People were left homeless as...

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In the article ‘You want Fries with that?’ Richard Daynard tries to compare the challenges facing the industrial manufacture of cigarettes to the fast food industry. According to Daynard, the tobacco industry is one of the endeavors that has reduced the quality of life. The effects of the industrial production...

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The “one-bite rule” is a controversial legal doctrine that shields owners of domesticated animals – mostly dogs – from liability for injuries caused by their pets, unless they were aware of their propensity to harm others prior to the incident (Phillips, 2018a). Simply put, the one-bite rule is commonly used...

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Today, the use of genetically modified organism in crop and animal production is real. Genetic engineering is the manipulation of genetic substance so as to create an entirely new being or an organ to carry out specific function (Van, 45). Interestingly, through the use of genetic engineering advancement, there will...

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According to utilitarian ethics, the decision on whether or not to engage in torture depends heavily on what the torture might accomplish. It if stands to save more lives later down the road, then it might have some utility and may be the right decision. If not, then it would...

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The lottery is something that has been debated, in terms of if it is an ethical thing to do. While some people think that it is acceptable, other individuals are against it. There are many forms of the lottery in different states, such as the Power Ball, Lotto, Mega Millions,...

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The concept of education allows for a chance to open doors within a person’s future and to provide stepping stones for the path to success. In essence, there is a chance to choose an array of career paths so that professional goals and dreams can come true. Although I am...

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What Is An Argumentative Essay? The Complete Guide

Most students today do not know what is an argumentative essay. In simple terms, an argumentative essay is an essay where you take a stance on the subject being discussed. For an argumentative essay to be deemed as good, you need to persuade the reader to understand and support your viewpoint about a subject by stating your reasons and providing enough evidence to back your theory up.

Argumentative essays are commonly used in high schools and colleges. Mostly, topics for this type of essay are related to health care, politics, technology, and science.

Argumentative Essay Format Structure

An argumentative essay format structure is quite easy. The goal of your essay needs to outline your perspective, reasoning’s, and proof. While learning how to write an argumentative essay, you will also understand that the overall integrity and structure of your essay can be held together by the following:

1. Introduction: The introductory paragraph of your argument essay needs to state the overall objective of your essay, provide the needed background information that will help the readers understand your argument, outline the pieces of evidence that you are about to present, and state your thesis.

2. Thesis statement: This is a part of your first paragraph and is a one-sentence and concise summary of your main claim.

3. Body paragraphs: An argumentative research paper consists of three or more paragraphs that will explain why you are covering and supporting the subject matter. Each paragraph will cover a different piece or idea of the evidence and contain a single topic sentence, which will explain why your audience will agree with your arguments.

These are the paragraphs where you will back all your claims with text citations, studies, statistics, research, and examples. You also need to address the opposing views and explain to them why you disagree with or disprove them. You need to present all your facts correctly and consider a topic from every available angle; this will help you add more credibility to your work and gain the trust of the reader.

4. Final thoughts/Conclusion: This is the paragraph where you will summarize and restate your thesis and all the arguments that you made in the above argumentative paragraphs. You should appeal to the emotions of the reader here, instead of presenting more new facts and/or arguments. You may also use a personal anecdote to explain why and how this particular topic affects you personally.

Some Tips On Writing An Argumentative Essay

If you want to know how to start an argumentative, here are some tips that can help do so:

  • As mentioned above, your introductory paragraph of your argumentative writing essay should revolve around your thesis statement. You should provide background information for your reader to understand your argument more easily and keep presenting pieces of evidence to back your argument as you move along.
  • Always start with something enticing; you can begin by presenting an interesting quote, statistic, personal anecdote, fact, or a thought-provoking question. This will draw your audience in and get them interested in what you are about to present.
  • Ensure that you provide some context and background. For instance, you need to show your reader what the situation is and what are the different events that lead you to write down this essay. You also need to make points as to why people should be interested in your argument. Keep everything as concise as possible – nothing less, nothing more!

Types Of Argumentative Essays

There are three different types of argumentative essays. You can either choose any one format or mix them all to create your own argumentative essay:

  1. Classical argument strategy
  2. Here, your argumentative essay outline should contain the main argument and opinion; you need to work your hardest to convince the audience why your stance is the right one. The classical argument strategy, or also known as Aristotelian, is considered one of the most popular strategies for making an argument because it is the simplest line of thinking to follow. Additionally, your reader will also don’t have to process a lot of information, since the facts are outlined in a concise manner.

  3. Rogerian argument strategy
  4. In this type of argument strategy, you need to present your claim and back it up and justify the backup to the claim of your essay. The Rogerian argument strategy is considered more effective for essays containing polarizing topics; both sides of the topics are acknowledged and the middle ground is presented in the argumentative essay.

  5. Toulmin model of argument
  6. Lastly, you have to present your claim and the linked backup in the Toulmin model of argument. Similar to the Rogerian argumentative essay outline, this type of argument works for polarizing topics as well. However, the difference here is that you present only one of the two topics. You also need to hinge particularly on the facts and present them in such a way that the claim cannot be argued against easily.

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