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Any form of impairment or a combination of impairments, be it cognitive, mental, intellectual or physical is called a disability. Disabilities substantially affect the life of a person suffering from them and in extreme conditions can destroy the presence of such a person and his or her loved ones lives...

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Red Bull entered the energy drink scene in 1997, and it is now the most popular energy drink worldwide. The drink is infused with multiple vitamins and caffeine, which people drink in order to remain alert and focused. Another popular reason to drink the energy drink is to mix it...

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During the initial introduction of the reading, we are provided with a quick illustration of the mother character, Mrs. Bryson, who is the mother of the narrator, Bill. We are given a description that leads to the premise that she is a bumbling, disorganized buffoon floundering about each day to...

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Introduction: Animal testing is one of the most important and hotly debated themes related to both medicine and ethics. As it is closely connected with two independent spheres of human life, there exist plenty of opinions either supporting or opposing animal testing. Some people support this measure from a medical...

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For fans of film, the idea that nearly a century ago sound in motion pictures did not exist is hard to imagine. Silent, black and white movies are relics of the past, although occasionally a modern film such as The Artist finds its way to Hollywood and is appreciated for...

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While the Greenpeace and Unfriend Coal Campaign against Facebook entails many factors, I feel that Facebook has an ethical decision to use its purchasing power, name, and corporate influence to set an example for the world. The company has made millions of dollars and has the finances to make sure...

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Hi, everyone! My name is Hong Shen and I am going to talk about Bullying which is a complex phenomenon that we seen in our society today. The main purpose of my talk today is to discuss about different forms of bullying and demonstrate that bullying has an impact on...

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General Purpose: To inform the audience on the sport of shotput Specific Purpose: To present the history of shotput, including how it began, its role as a competitive sport, and to demonstrate shotput technique. Thesis: The sport of shotput, which involves throwing a ball as far as one can, has...

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Obesity is a condition of being overweight or excessively fat. In health sciences, this condition has been classified as a lifestyle condition that is caused by poor eating habit and lack of physical exercises. According to the World Health Organization, the rate of obesity, especially among children and teens has...

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According to the article Enhancing Quality of Education through E-Learning : The Case Study of Allama Iqbal Open University by Pakistani scholars Muhammad Iqbal and Mumtaz Ahmad e-learning enhances the quality of education at the university level. Using the method of case study, the authors explore the benefits of e-learning...

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Introduction Attention getter: many of you have watched the television show scandal and have an idea of what it is about. Purpose Statement: My speech aims to inform the audience there is something more than meets the eye about the television show scandal. It will be aiming at making the...

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Writing an Informative Essay: Definition and Purpose

Knowing how to write an informative essay entirely is key to unlocking other essay types. Let us explore how we can do this painstakingly. 

Probably today, you might have been browsing, "what is informative writing," and that is why you are here, looking at the informative college essay examples. It is an academic paper aimed at informing a target audience about a particular phenomenon, person, event, or object. 

The information essay aims to explain the topic in detail. In such cases, the presumption is that the readers know nothing at all or limited information on the subject. A perfect example of such an informative piece would be informing the public about handwashing techniques. 

When writing an informative essay, the following should be paramount throughout the paper:

Let's explore the process of writing an informative paper with ease:

Writing an A+ Informative Essay

Now, just by the click of a mouse, you are sure of landing on thousands upon thousands of informative essay examples. However, the effectiveness of using these examples depends on the background of the informative article topic. That is what we are diving into in a moment. Stick with me now.

The Outline of an Informative Paper

1. Choosing a Topic

Many online articles on this essay tend to overlook this critical part. However, we are keen on details, and that is why we would like to cultivate the same mindset in you.

For such an essay to be as informative as possible, the reader should see it from the word go. The topic plays this role. Your informative essay topic should be one you can easily find information about and of interest to the reader. If the problem doesn't seem helpful to the reader, then he/she will throw your paper where it belongs – the bin!

2. The Introductory Paragraph

After creating an appetite for the reader by your topic, the introduction needs to present the problem and grab your audience's attention. Here is a quick way of knowing what you need to on the first paragraph of your informative essay:

Thoroughly research all pertinent details pertaining to your subject.

3. The Body

Your readers should be able to get all their questions, doubts and fears answered in this part. Therefore, make sure that all the necessary information and materials are available to your reader in the body. You should sufficiently inform your audience using:

Do not leave out any detail. Remember, the topic might be new to some, and those "little details" might be further to them.

4. The Conclusion

End your informative piece by restating the critical nature of the topic and give a summary on both sides of the argument. The primary purpose of your conclusion is to bring together your information in one or two sentences. Therefore, be creative and as unique as possible to achieve this. 

Now, this is important:

An informative essay should not be confused with a persuasive essay. Objectivity and impartiality are the critical features of this essay.

Great Tips To Ponder About

  1. Do not go for a broad topic
  2. Choose a topic that is relevant to society
  3. Check on repetition and inconsistency 

Nevertheless, not all students can comfortably perform this task. Our topnotch writers can provide you with that much-needed help. You can also find many professional examples of informative essays from MyCustomEssay. 

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