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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), is a disorder included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. According to the manual, PTSD is a valid disorder, symptoms including 'a history of exposure to a traumatic event that meets specific stipulations and symptoms from each of four symptom clusters: intrusion,...

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PTSD can manifest in children through their imagination (NCTSN, n.d.). Children who know or are related to someone who has died get nightmares about how the person died. They have fantasies about rescuing the person or preventing the death from occurring. Bereaved kids may avoid reminders of the dead person....

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While some states have eliminated the death penalty, the federal government still reserves it as a possible punishment for federal crimes. In order to try to bring about a change in this policy, this letter is addressed to my representative and senator in hopes that they will propose and support...

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General Purpose: ' To Persuade 'Specific Purpose: ' To persuade the public, including parents, that video gaming is an addiction for many young people and that it has adverse impact on their health, therefore, for the benefit of these youngsters, their parents and society should take measures to help them...

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He calmly watched the aisle in front of him and then took in the spectacle unfolding in the cabin. Two masked men were prowling the aisles as they yelled commands to the passengers. "Nobody move!" cried out of the men in black masks. 'It's a hijacking!' cried out another. He...

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An estimated 50 million smokers across the United States are causing serious damage to their bodies and creating an environment that is harmful for people around them (Parks). Research has indicated that tobacco products are extremely dangerous and harmful to the health of a human being (Parks). In addition, second-hand...

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To create effective landing pages, organizations need to use both Unbounce and Hubspot when creating landing pages. Unbounce is a popular platform that is mostly used by organizations while a Hubspot is the alternative platform. Notably, without any input of IT staff, marketers normally use the two platforms to build...

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Topic: Smoking Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that smoking is a dangerous habit. Thesis: My audience should stand up against smoking because smoking is very dangerous and addictive, standing up against smoking is a great way to prevent people from even starting. Attention Step I.) [Attention...

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Subject: No textbooks The semester is coming to an end and it has been quite an interesting learning experience. I have rarely attended a course in which the students were as engaged with class discussions as in this course. Recently, you invited the students to offer suggestions to improve the...

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Outline: General facts about abortions Abortion from the medical perspective Aborting and human rights The link between human rights and medical approach Dear fellows, Today we are going to discuss the impact of abortion and different controversies related to the issue. I am going to present you the point from...

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Topic: Best Friends Purpose: to persuade Specific purpose: to persuade my audience to have best friends. Thesis: everybody in my audience should think about having best friends because 1) It reduces stress 2) It creates a sense of self-belonging and identity 3) It increases personal security through creating comfort Attention...

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Organization: The speech is intended to provide statistical evidence regarding police interactions with the population, identifying operational gaps, and providing the benefits of adapting cameras during their security assignments. Audience analysis: The audience is composed of classmates who are the same age group as I am. However, they come from...

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THESIS STATEMENT: Research shows that online dating is less likely to lead to long-term romantic relationship and marriage, leads to finding a genetically and biologically unsuitable mates, and victimizes people both sexually and financially, therefore it should be avoided. Face-to-face dating should be used instead. One significant disadvantage of online...

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Introduction Video games have increased in popularity especially among teenage. Playing video games pose effects to those playing in one way or another. Through playing video games, there are several vices that people try to emulate in the society which might turn out to be very dangerous to the society...

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The production and sale of cigarettes is one of the most controversial issues in the society today. Cigarettes are associated with various challenges in the society today, and this has subjected the reduction and use of the cigarettes into intense debates. The regulation of what people do in their leisure...

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It is a traumatizing to watch a loved one suffering in pain, because of a terminal disease (Boudreau, & Somerville, 2014). Terminal diseases have no cure. The only source of hope for many patients suffering from such diseases is that doctors have ways to make the disease manageable and less...

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The speech by Malala is a powerful speech that touches on the wellbeing of the girl child education. The speech has an appeal to emotions on its audience. This appeal is brought by the way Malala explains the suffering that befalls the girl child. She mentions the killing of children,...

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The idea of creating smart machines that can move, hear, speak, and behave like real people is rooted in the deep past. People have been trying to invent an artificial intelligence for the purpose of making their lives easier for many centuries. However, their dreams have been far beyond the...

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The issue of abortion is a complicated political argument. Abortion is described as a medical process of terminating pregnancy (Bailey, 2012). This is done before the end of the pregnancy period, and thus does not result in the birth of a child. Depending on the age of the fetus, different...

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The way you live is totally up to you. Simply make sure that your present lifestyle is not really hazardous to your health. Everybody will agree that it’s smart to be fully aware of what you actually do. It’s smart to be aware of how what you do affects the...

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We as a culture like very much to point to progress made, in terms of addressing a real issue, as being a kind of solution in itself. This seems to be the case with drunk driving, and how more severe laws have reduced the numbers of alcohol-related deaths. Certainly, tougher...

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Zakyah Basri’s essay on mercy killing uses a rhetorical question as a title: Euthanasia: Which M is It? Mercy or Murder? While this title treats the subject a bit simplistically, it reflects the essence of the debate on mercy killing: whether it is an act of mercy or a simple...

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The United States government has often been criticized for acting irrationally in the heat of the moment. This has frequently caused the government to attempt to back track on many of the laws and regulations that they have passed in order to right a situation that the government later determines...

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Blondes have more fun-or so the well known adage goes. What people may not know or understand though, is that blondes are also smarter. Being blonde gives one keen insight into the human condition, a more compassionate nature, and the ability to learn and retain vast amounts of information. Contrary...

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A-Grade Writing Techniques Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essay writing is an art that every college student needs to master. In this post, we will sharpen that golden art and give you more.

For you to graduate from high school or college, you ought to have written a couple of essay assignments. Persuasive essays are among those “most dreaded” essay assignments which contribute a great deal to a student’s performance. However, no cause for alarm, we will show you how to easily do that and come up with an essay that will give you that A-Grade. Keep your eyes peeled as we journey through this experience together.

Before that, first things first,

Persuasive Essay Definition

Ever thought of making it to the bar? Well, I didn’t mean the bar – an alcohol joint, I said, being a lawyer. Here is your only chance to make it – virtually or physically, you’d still have made it there.

The definition of persuasive writing is; a type of academic paper that lets you use logic and arguments to convince your audience. It is an essay that allows the writer to take a viewpoint on a subject. The writer can bring forth cases either “for” or “against.” The writer’s most weighty argument wins over the audience. 

Articulating a Top-Rated Persuasive Essay

As a writer here, yours is to make the reader agree with a particular stance towards a specific direction. Now, doing this is not as easy as preparing pancakes, especially for men – not all though, it requires some extra skill. That is what we are going to unveil in the next few lines.

Many persuasive writing examples have fallen victim of being biased or “imposing.” For you to have a captivating compelling essay, you should ensure you have:

  1. A well-done research
  2. Familiarized with the reader’s biases
  3. Developed a firm foundation of both sides of the subject

By doing this, you will be able to show why your opinion is correct, and the opposing one is incorrect.

Outline of a Persuasive Essay

As of any other essay, a persuasive paper follows the usual essay structure. The only difference is the content and the style used to present it. Let us look at this outline in detail:

1. The Topic

For you to have a successful persuasive essay, the topic should be critical rather than descriptive. By this, I mean that you should not go for a problem such as “alcohol causes liver cancer,” but rather, one such as “drinking alcohol prevents diabetes.”

Some great questions for persuasive essays can be from spheres such as:  

However, your persuasive speech topics should not be those which you do not have sufficient information on them. You might not be able to convince your readers, after all. 

2. Introducing a Persuasive Essay

The introduction is marked by giving a description of the problem and giving your point of view. For the readers to stick to your persuasive essay, have an enticing and robust hook that will follow you to the end. They should see the need for them to read the article at this juncture. In summary, the introduction should have:

After this, we are now good to proceed to the next part:

3. Writing the Body Paragraphs

What is a persuasive essay body, and how different is it from the others? Similar to other essay body paragraphs, this also contains points supporting the thesis statement. However, for this case, one section should be left for a rebuttal. You should show contrary opinions to your view and evidence why you oppose them.  

The body paragraphs should be in:

Ensure that each body paragraph offers the reader sufficient supporting details.

4. The Conclusion

You should round up your persuasive essay by giving a thesis restatement. Nevertheless, you can choose to end with a brainstorming question for readers to ponder on. So, the conclusion should be a:

Additional Writing Tips

Specific words used in this type of paper include:

I am confident that with the tip and help from our professional writers, you are sure of writing an A-worthy essay right away. Why don’t you give it a try now?

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