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The words and thoughts of Socrates are found in the works of Plato. In The Republic, Book IV, Socrates defines justice as “doing one’s own work.” In this way, he believes that it is just for everyone to have his or her own occupation and for one to engage in...

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Love is a subject that always interests people more than any other. Men and women talk about it, try to find it, and often think of it as the most important thing in life. This is true of all cultures. Love is the one emotion that everybody wants to feel...

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“Allah” is an Arabic word that many of Islamic faith use to refer to their concept of God. However, there is much controversy about its origin and there are many, many complex meanings for the word. There is even controversy about whether non-Arab people or those of non-Islamic faith should...

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Growing up from the not-so-rich neighborhoods, my interactions with the rich kids, after much reflection, invokes a sense of gall, as I remember them regaling, or for the most part, boasting to us yet-to-be rich folk about their parents wealth especially the cars. You could tell that their definition of...

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A law can be defined as a set of rules, regulations or principles that are created for a group of people or population with the intention of establishing and organized society. The origins of law can be traced back to the formation of the ancient Greece and Mesopotamia states. At...

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People always seem to have their own idea as to what the definition of a real man is. Some feel it is someone who belongs to a specific race, religion, or other type of group that considers themselves cool or tough. Others feel that a man’s character and how he...

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The phrase “front-running” was not created from an accepted derivation. As an adjective the phrase is defined as being ahead in a race or competition . The phrase is often used in political realms and in athletics to describe a candidate for office that has distinguished his/her self from other...

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A traditional definition of faith, which can be found in any of the current dictionaries, associates faith with “a strong or unshakable belief in something, especially without proof or evidence” (Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged) as well as “confidence or trust in a person or thing” (Kernerman Webster’s...

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Introduction Everybody has experienced it one or more times in life; be it for a person, a non-living object, or a pet. The feeling of love is experienced by different people in different intensities; it may devour the whole being or may involve just a little crush. Some people search...

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Paternalism is the act of “interfering with a person’s freedom for his or her own good” (Santa Clara University, 2012, pp. 2). The act of paternalism is associated with an ethical divide. From one standpoint, interfering with another individual’s life may be necessary in order to help them. In contrast,...

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I am a student, particularly a college freshman. The college freshman group is best defined as a mixed crowd of youngsters who are experiencing new social freedom. First, we are a mixed crowd. The population of college freshman includes students with various academic backgrounds, some from private schools, some from...

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Love is an abstract feeling associated with the chemical in the brain, dopamine, which stimulates the place in the brain associated with pleasure. Thus, it’s as if the brain is being rewarded for feeling this certain way. There is a distinction between love and attraction. Love can be associated with...

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Leadership is a widely discussed topic both on scholarly and on practical levels. The vision of leadership has changed over the centuries. At some points of the history, authoritarian leaders were praised (i.e. Adolf Hitler in Germany or Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union). These leaders ruled through intimidation of...

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It is difficult to imagine a profession that has not evolved over the last few decades due to technological progress, changing customer expectations, changing social, economic, and cultural factors, and growing competition. The nursing profession has been no different and nurses are now not only expected to develop technical expertise...

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Globalization is now a major force that is shaping our modern history and even future. One of the outcomes of globalization is greater interaction among cultures. As we learn more about other cultures, not surprisingly we discover that the love for music is almost a universal trait. Music is such...

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One of the oldest social traditions that continue to survive to this day is marriage. It can even be argued that an average person enjoys two families in life; one he/she is born into and one he/she gains through the institution of marriage. Many among us may know at least...

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Education is such an important part of our lives that as soon as a child starts speaking, his/her parents start worrying about enrolling him/her in an educational institution. While an academic institution is one of the first things that comes to mind of a child when he/she hears about education,...

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The Total Guide to Writing Definition Essays

You may be wondering, what is a definition essay? Is it different from other essay types? Scroll down to find answers to all these and more. 

From the root word, define, a definition essay is a type of essay that explains the meaning of a term, idea, or concept more clearly and thoroughly.

Writing a Definition Essay

Writing a definition paper may not be as simple as the description above. You are required to give a personal yet academic definition of the term provided. For you to impress your reader, this type of essay has to thoroughly researched and lengthy. Therefore, you should come up with a word that gives you plenty to write on without running short of ideas.

Now, let us move to something more interesting.

Structure of a Definition Paper

In definition essays, most writers choose to kick off with a simple dictionary definition. It then proceeds with an extended explanation in the body, which adds flesh to the initial description. The latter requires creative techniques that will be discussed further in this post.

Here is the structure of a definition essay:

1. The Topic

Definition essay topics should be:

Remember that this is the part that is going to determine the length of your essay. Explore from a wide range of sources to arrive at a topic that will interest both you and the reader.

There are many definition essay ideas that you can write on, including:

  1. The Corona Virus
  2. Self-isolation
  3. Quarantine

Stay with me now as we explore another essential part of this essay structure.

2. Introduction

The topic you are defining comes in at this juncture. A dictionary definition is mostly recommended at this point to give you a heads start on your essay. 

A thesis definition also forms part of the introduction. It is where you provide a more detailed description arising from your understanding and the research you conducted.

An introductory paragraph should gently introduce the subject and attract the reader’s interest. Ensure to add an attention grabber that will keep your reader hooked to your essay. 

3. Body

Different aspects of the term in question are dealt with at this stage. For instance, you can use the following paragraph structure to come up with your essay body:

The boldness of a lion should be your driving force here. You should describe this term most uniquely and originally possible. While giving examples of the word in your body paragraph, ensure that there is an interaction with your reader.

4. Conclusion

The conclusion of definition essays depends on the body paragraphs. The best conclusion paragraph is one that emphasizes the main points provided in each body paragraph. Good definition essay conclusion examples are:

Have a closing that will leave a permanent mark in the reader’s mind.

Lastly, let’s explore:

Great Writing Tips For a Definition Essay

  1. Be simple and clear
  2. Choose an abstract word
  3. You should be familiar with the word
  4. Explore the dictionary meaning keenly
  5. Use understandable examples, facts, and examples

Get Help With Definition Essay Today

You can be sure of writing an excellent definition essay with this elaborate guide. Do not forget to research thoroughly and have enough time to finish the article.

If you need to have your definition essay completed today, visit! We also have a base of definition essay samples for your inspiration. 

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