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The economic progress over the last few decades has been impressive by any measure and globalization has played a major role in it. Many countries that used to be perceived as poor and struggling economies are now envy of the world and poised to become the leading economies in the...

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The technological progress over the last two decades has been miraculous by any measure and it would not have been possible without the internet. One would find it almost impossible to think of professional and personal aspects of our lives that has not been influenced by the internet in some...

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The Revolution of 1789-1792 not only transformed France, but much of Europe and, in some ways, the course of Western history. A nation that, in 1788, was a stable monarchy with roots reaching back hundreds of years was, a few short years later, turned upside down: the royal family was...

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Oil is often called the “black gold” and may be the most valuable natural resource today. It often single-handedly supports national economies as evident by several Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia and Iraq. This is why oil prices are watched closely because any fluctuation may have material impact on...

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Just few decades ago, computer was a luxury and could only be afforded by businesses or only high income groups. But the technological progress has been so tremendous that far more computing power now fits in the palm of our hands than what would reside in workstations occupying entire rooms....

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Groundwater is essential to life in many regions; in the U.S. alone 50% of people living in the country use groundwater as drinking water (The Groundwater Foundation 2012). Groundwater can be used for other sources as well. Despite its national and global importance, groundwater is subject to pollution from various...

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The Dark Knight Returns is set to reveal the situation of the foreseen future fear in the Gotham City. The issues of great concern within the city are the causes of crime and mostly the increasing instances of crime in the city. The levels of the gangs attacking the residents...

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The ultimate success and satisfaction one may achieve in life may be attributed to any number of singular environmental or genetic endowment or a combination of such endowments. Success may be linked to one’s personality, which leads to in groups or grouping of friends that a person creates as relationships...

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Writing an A-Rated Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay is a type of academic essay that is written either as a paper on its own or part of another bigger paper. Unlike other types of essays, lecturers like the cause and effect papers because it allows students to explore both sides of a topic or issue. In this post, we bring you expert tips to help you craft A-rated cause and effect essays.

Cause and Effect Essay Definition

A cause and effect is a type of academic writing where a student looks at the causes (reasons) for something, and then discusses the effects (results). It is because of this that the cause and effect papers are sometimes called reason and result essays. See some good cause and effect essay examples below:

The Mechanics of Writing the Best Cause and Effect Essays

To write a winning paper, the first step is identifying the right topics for cause and effect essays. Then, research the topic widely to identify the main points to discuss in the essay. Finally, follow the following essay format and use the pro tips for higher marks.

The Essay Format

The essay format is the guiding structure that tells you what to discuss at what point of the paper. Well, you should not start writing your paper until you get the right structure. Here is an example of a format to use in your paper:

Tips for Your Cause and Effect Paper

To help make your essay more appealing, you should go further than the format we have provided you. Here are additional tips to consider:

  1. Select a topic that you are interested in.
  2. Make sure to read other top samples and examples of cause and effect essays to see how pros do it.
  3. Make sure to understand and follow your lecturer’s instructions carefully.
  4. Ensure to proofread your essay well before submission.

Cause and Effect Transition Words

Cause and effect transition words are used to help highlight the relationship between a cause and effect. Remember that a cause comes first, and the effect takes place later. Below are some of the top cause and effect words to consider for your essay.

Cause Words

Effect words

Armed with the right cause and effect definition, format, and pro tips, you are now ready to craft the best paper. But if you have failed to find the example you want, feel free to order an essay from our writers. At, we are committed to helping you craft the best papers for top grades.

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