Critical Essay Examples

Life presents a wide range of situations to an individual through all engagements and interactions with other people in daily activities. These situations are unique to each other and the manner that they are handled is elemental towards dedicating the outcome and the position of an individual because of the...

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The reading Environmental Problem Solving(Coon & Mitterer, 2008) was very informative and insightful for me. I understood that the architectural design of one's living house or workplace can have a large impact on a person's psychological condition. Thus, even when there is enough space, people may feel crowded and stressed...

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In his article ‘The Woe-Is-Us Books,’ Stanley Fish talks about the combined influence of law, education and society in human learning and the books used in learning. Fish talks about his presentation for a conference with a special interest in the fate of liberal arts. Rise emphasizes that he read...

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The article Big Sugar’s Sweet Little Lies,” by Gary Taubes and Cristin Kearns Couzens discusses the controversy over sugar the past few decades and the health problems that it has caused such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. The authors states that the sugar association’s president and associates were able...

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“Critical thinking” is the term that has fascinated academics across various disciplines and fields. Calls to “think critically” address students of almost all ages, starting with the high school and ending with lifelong learning. It would be no exaggeration to claim that “critical thinking” has promptly evolved into the scholarly...

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Alain Locke's “The New Negro” cannot be appreciated, or for that matter comprehended, without the understanding that Locke was writing in the early decades of the 20th century. This essentially shapes what he has to say regarding the African American experience and because it is all about potential for Locke....

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The main purpose of attending school is to acquire education. However, some children in school lack the motivation needed to achieve what is required from the school. According to an article by Allan Wigfield and John T. Guthrie, in their book "Motivation for Reading", it is evident that some of...

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Creative thinking refers to a process that aims at acquiring meaningful connections by generating original, unusual and varied possibilities. It also involves searching for details that would help with the expansion and enrichment of possibilities. Critical thinking involves evaluating possibilities fairly, constructively and carefully. It involves focusing thoughts and actions...

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On March 21 at 8:00p.m., I travelled to San Francisco with my mother to attend the Shen Yun Opera Dancing Show at the Orpheum Theater. The non-profit Shen Yun is a performing arts and entertainment company founded in 2006 with the mission of reviving "the essence of 5000 years of...

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The fundamental issue in the case “In Search of a Second Act” is that Alexis Products is currently standing at a crossroads; the owner, Steph, must decide whether to create a new gadget to attract the public’s attention or whether to focus on increasing the language learning technologies that could...

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The sale of the organs of executed prisoners presents a situation raising many issues about the morality (or lack thereof) of the people involved. The Chinese military had been executing convicted criminals and then selling their organs to people that needed transplants. Despite the fact that their laws allow for...

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The fact that an American can go today to any corner of the world and safely assume that he can eat at a McDonald’s restaurant, and find someone to converse in English with, is enough to perceive the reality of globalization. Critics continue to try to assess the impact of...

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Introduction Both Eric Liu and Bonnie Raitt speak to issues that are not only important to them personally, but have a wider social interest, for friends, family, community, and perhaps in some ways universally. Liu (para 3) speaks of the issue of assimilation, becoming American at a time when there...

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"The War and the Words" by Charles Krauthammer (2007) was written for the purpose of bringing attention to the ludicrous use of words and word choices within the most recent, for the time, National Intelligence Estimate. This particular discussion leads on to the issues that were present, at the time...

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It is widely known that culture affects all aspects of an individual’s life, both personal and professional; it affects technology systems that are utilized, work structures, and even knowledge use (Long, 1997). Through the process of understanding how culture works to influence knowledge, behavior, and experience, business managers will be...

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Arguably one of the greatest films ever made, Citizen Kane has been both put on the pedestal of film history and has been widely criticized as well for being exaggeratedly praised and for its clear relationship to the publishing mogul, William Randolph Hearst. The movie tells the story both of...

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Critics of online learning institutions are not few and certainly not difficult to find. Online learning has been claimed to be inferior, supposedly established by a desire to spend less on education. Robert W. Mendenhall’s article, “How Technology Can Improve Online Learning – and Learning in General,” defends online learning...

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1. Brief Company Description Pitney Bowes is a U.S. company that manufactures hardware and provides a variety of services such as software, document management, communications, and shipping and packaging. They are a “leading provider of customer communications technologies” and work with large and small businesses, nonprofits, and independent enterprises (Pitney...

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During this critical review, I will reflect upon the work that I have completed as part of the course and the things that I have learnt as a result of it. Aspects that I found to be particularly interesting and relevant from the perspective of intellectual growth will be identified....

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Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a theoretical perspective in sociology that closely examines all levels of interaction between races, including the micro-level, exposing the true consequences of racial stratification in our society rather than ignoring or denying them (Brown, 2003). Many sociologists (and others) want to believe that racism in...

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William Shakespeare’s love story Romeo and Juliet remains the archetype for the tragic love story with its main themes continually resurfacing in a vast number of contemporary stories and plays. One of the most powerful scenes in the play is Romeo and Juliet’s last night together before he is to...

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How To Write A Critical Essay

So, what is a critical essay? A critical essay is a type of academic writing where you need to study, analyze, interpret, and evaluate a text. According to the critical essay definition, a critical essay is where the author makes a claim upon particular themes or ideas that are conveyed in the text and then supports the claims with externally-sourced evidence.

While the word ‘critical’ is associated with a negative perspective in casual conversations, the word simply means analytical and discerning in the context of a critical essay. These essays are meant to analyze and evaluate the significance and meaning of a text, rather than simply making a judgment about its quality or content.

Critical Essay: Everything You Need To Know

A particular essay can be stated as critical if it provides its thesis succinctly and then provides support for that thesis logically with a critical analysis essay example or two. It might also be conceived as a formal argument, with logic and evidence that support the claim of the thesis. While support and thesis are the two main components, the overall structure of a critical analysis essay can be broken down into five sections:

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Thesis
  • A summary of the important parts of the text that is being analyzed
  • An argument that uses this text and supports the overall thesis
  • Final thoughts/Conclusion

Structure Of A Critical Essay

Mostly, critical thinking essays are written across several different academic disciplines like visual art, video games, poetry, novels, and films. However, while the subject matter may vary, they do follow certain characteristic like:

  1. Central claim in critical thinking essays
  2. For an essay to be deemed as critical, it needs to have a central claim. This is an argument that is expressed typically at the beginning of the essay in the thesis statement. This claim will then be supported by evidence in the following paragraphs.

  3. Evidence in a critical analysis essay
  4. You need to have evidence that supports the central claim of your critical essay. Most of the evidence can be presented in different forms like imagery, structure, word choice, description, dialogue, and others; alternatively, you can also choose evidence from secondary sources like scholarly works, etc. The evidence needs to bolster the claim of your evidence.

  5. Writing the conclusion
  6. This is where you pen down your final thoughts after the claim and evidence processes. The conclusion needs to be on the same trajectory of your claim and emphasize on the important points and insights.

Tips To Help You Write A Strong Critical Analysis Essay

If you do not know how to write a critical essay, you should always start by referring to the original requirement. If they have not been elucidated, then you can ask for some help from your instructor for additional details on the subject matter. Alternatively, you can also look through a critic essay example or two for additional insights.

It is very important for you to understand the purpose of this assignment and the set requirements. Always ask questions before you start your writing process. It is always better if you do pre-writing and lay down the foundation of your critical essay first. If it is unstable and shaky, your entire essay could collapse.

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